Facebook In-App Searches Create Challenges for Search Engine Giants

Car dealerships’ presences get a shot in the arm from Facebook’s latest feature

Reports have surfaced of a new feature on the social media titan Facebook that could pose a bit of a threat to search engines Google and Bing and ease link-sharing on mobile devices. Facebook now features the ability for its members to search a query and find links that have already been posted on Facebook or matching links on a certain topic, etc.

FFS add a link Facebook demonstration

This “Add a Link” option lets the users preview what is on the website and add the link with their own personal opinion or message functioning like a standard wall post. This is a massive development for Facebook and poses a challenge for Google.

Facebook has 25 percent of social media clicks late last year. More than 1 trillion posts have been indexed by Facebook to let people search links. All of this creates two major positives for Facebook and mobile users:

—Links will become much easier to search and share on mobile sites
—Facebook users won’t have to leave the site or app to find a link to share, creating more time on site as well

These two positives create some negatives for Google. Google simply does not have the type of data that Facebook indexes. The mobile advertising revenue has been the biggest area of growth in Facebook’s profits, and this in turn puts pressure on Google.

The Add a Link feature is currently only available to select groups, but making it available for all 1 billion of Facebook’s users would create quite a hill for Google to climb.

What Add a Link Means for Car Dealerships

Automotive dealerships that use social media wisely will find quite a boost from this possible Facebook upgrade. Buying ads for a dealership will help increase their reach. More money spent on advertisements on Facebook could mean a great customer base reached.

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