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5 Social Media Strategies To Gradually Build and Retain Relationships With Consumers

One profound example of “the way things used to be” is the very loud used car advertisement. You can still see this method occasionally within the broadcast realm, and some huge players in media still don’t realize how desperate it seems. Loud calls to action and the sense of urgency are much like the bullhorn

Heeding Ever-Changing Viewing Habits: Multiple YouTube Formats for Campaign Success

Even though we have all opted to “skip the ad” a time or two when it comes to YouTube videos, the truth is that this viewing medium has the power for massive personal relevance and connection. It leads to stellar brand loyalty and conversion, and the current array of short and long-term content out there

Loyalty’s Long-Run Payoffs: Three Marketing Tips for Positive Customer Retention

It is always a reassuring and thrilling feeling when you gain several new customers within the digital realm. There are many positive “ambassadors” eager to use what you are offering, and willing to stick around for the long run. The last few years have been so challenging that the “one step forward, two steps back” mantra solidly holds true. Your net result is not entirely positive if you have lost a few simultaneously from your existing client base.

With a Cookie-Free Existence on the Digital Horizon, Third-Party Data Temporarily Remains Relevant

As privacy concerns have recently taken the forefront regarding digital marketing news, there are many questions to ponder regarding the future of digital advertising. 53% of companies online are still incorporating third-party data as a means of sourcing demographics and viability, according to the recent findings from Datatonics’ Programmatic Audience Targeting Survey. Behavioral Data and

Your Ideal Follower-Building Fuel: User-Generated Content for Social Media Marketing Strategy

One of the keys to a successful digital marketing campaign is user-generated content, which is content produced from consumers of your product or service. It keeps your campaign’s momentum going by showing people genuine testimonies of your product without a marketing-driven slant. Finding and sharing user generated content, whether it’s mentions or tags of your

Beneficial Output from AI’s Forefront: How ChatGPT Can Streamline Digital Marketing

When ChatGPT took the world entirely by storm, it had finally become true that you’d have to be “living under a rock” to not have learned of its very intelligent abilities. The current and fully finished product is an intelligent and very useful chatbot that can create accurate answers and a surprisingly sharp sense of

Success Within the Search Landscape: How to Remain on Top of PPC Performance

Staying on top of what is currently trending is such a vital component of digital success, and your campaign’s monitoring plan can require multiple experts in your talent pool! Results-driven PPC performance comes from tracking multiple metrics and has the potential to pose challenging requirements for taking frequent and quick action. In this article today

The Power of Prediction: 5 Ways To Forecast Your SEO Success in 2023

Wouldn’t you love to get a clear picture of how much traffic and revenue you’ll get before you launch your next SEO digital marketing campaign? You would be able to move forward (or pull back from) with the promotion of a specific product or service, equipped with a better understanding of its true market potential.

Update on Asset Group-Level Metrics: New Features Within Google Ads Performance Max Campaigns

We know it’s difficult to keep track of the near-constant updates from Google, and that’s why we’re here to help! The FarFetched Studios team is on top of any and all new features that come along, ready to share them with you and implement them in your marketing strategy if they are a good fit.

Marketing During Less Prevalent Crisis Mode: Digital Trends Signifying Better Days For 2023

As digital marketers approached the end of 2022, many thought the events seemed like they were straight out of a science fiction script. All of us who live and breathe media and advertising were feeling like things were so unstable and insecure that we were certainly ready for a positive change. During October, there was

Channeling Success Amongst Light-Speed Evolution: Digital Marketing Tips for 2023

No matter how appealing your product or service is, it is imperative to frequently update your digital strategy to remain relevant in today’s market. Adapting to constantly changing algorithms and trends is no easy task. To make sure your hard-earned customers stick around, we have implemented a few strategies here at FarFetched Studios that will

Utilizing User Intent: Twitter Search Results now to Include Sponsored Tweets

For us to successfully make use of every social media platform out there here at Farfetched Studios, it has been imperative to observe how trends ebb and flow. After a few months of being in the spotlight for a heightened sense of uncertainty, a major decision has been made to help increase their bottom line.

February Framework Fine-Tuning: 6 Steps to Improve Your Email Marketing Game For 2023

One of the most important tools for successful digital marketing has consistently been in plain view while many other social media strategies can seem to dominate. Nearly 4 billion users are clicking on their inbox each day, with each one being a milestone potential for any marketer with a product or service to offer. With

Google Ads Announces Account-Level Negative Keywords 

Paying attention to the nuances and changes of the world’s most prominent search engine is one of the tasks we give high priority to here at Farfetched Studios, as ranking post-query is everything in today’s world. The Search Engine Journal announced on their blog this week that Google Ads will now officially make account-level negative

What are the Differences Between B2B and B2C Email Marketing? 

The many options for advertising that social media has brought can leave even the most seasoned strategist confused as to where to begin! Even though some are starting to think it’s a bit outdated, email marketing is not going anywhere, and there are different voices that need to be used for different recipients. It can

Valuable Perspective on Digital Strategy for 2023: Expert Insights to Secure a Competitive Edge

In a recent blog, the Search Engine Journal claims that 85% of agency marketers are worried about the coming year. They were able to provide some excellent insight on how you can align your priorities to properly meet your goals, and constantly be aware of the data that can help you achieve stellar results. Here

The Multi-Layered Science Behind the Search: Avoiding Common Keyword Research Mistakes

Keyword research is crucial when it comes to success for any type of SEO campaign. It is a valuable skill that can be a little tricky, but thankfully, some common mistakes can be avoided. Here are some of the most common errors that we have learned to avoid, and a game plan to avoid the

Google Rolls Out Classifier Improvement, Lingual Diversity

The digital marketing entities of today that pride themselves on securing clients and promoting brand awareness are rightfully obsessed with SEO. Top ranking seems like everything these days, and when paired with an eye-popping and engrossing user experience, allows sales to roll in frequently. The Search Engine Journal has confirmed that Google rolled out yet

“I Need That Intel on the Double!”: Refined Search Queries for Light-Speed Relevant Results

As we have taken to consistently finding the best tips and information to share with marketers on the blog here at Farfetched Studios, we have always been keen on hacks to put the world’s largest search engine to the best use possible. The Search Engine Journal had a great post last week about a new

Fascination with The Photogenic Platform: Cost-Free Methods For Getting More Instagram Followers

As soon as many digital marketers felt like they had a handle on cultivating and managing content for Facebook, other social media sites rose quickly that viewers became rapidly obsessed with. Instagram not only allows users to share the photos that they love, but also to engage with each other and build a brand with

Assuring Your Passion Remains Profitable: Developing a plan for Effective Digital Momentum in 2023

The Entrepreneur.com team has long been an authority for the most relevant business advice over the years for digital marketers, and a source we occasionally look to for guidance. One thing we’re sure about here at Farfetched Studios is that the next year will bring about some very unique challenges for digital marketers. One of

“It’s a Wonderful and Well-Clicked Life!”: Small Business Email Marketing Tips for Winning Strategy During the Holidays

While anyone with a stake in digital marketing can agree that 2022 has been full of ups and downs, this holiday season is quite viable for small businesses nationwide. Once addicted to big box chains in corporate brands, 84% of today’s savvy consumers plan to point and click or provide festive foot traffic to small

Google Announces Exit Strategy for Similar Audiences to Take Place in 2023

The SearchEngineJournal has always been a reliable and comprehensive source of information about the happenings of the world’s most popular search engine and beyond. Last week they announced an impact on audience targeting that was a direct result of the ongoing battle for more user privacy in the digital landscape. Google Ads Liaison Ginny Marvin

5 Common Faults When Trying to Master YouTube ads

Around a decade ago, it became obvious that artists, musicians, and all sorts of businesses worldwide were going to benefit from YouTube advertising. Here are a few misconceptions about this wildly popular video delivery medium, and some ways that we rework old habits into exciting and traffic-driving success.   The Fallacy of The Guessing Game: Taking

Moving Mountains One Tagline at a Time: Tips for Creating Engaging Social Media Content

Social media has become one of the most useful and engaging avenues to deliver your message, gain a following, and inform your customers about new products. As most successful business owners know, this is easier said than done, and posting frequently is the best means of attracting positive attention. Here are some of the ways

The #1 Streaming Platform’s Exciting Upgrades: YouTube Offers Creators Classy Digital Canvas

YouTube, the world’s most popular streaming and upload platform, is quite viable for all types of marketing and product sales, and customers are being won over by video in record numbers. Here are a few updates to the platform and how we feel they are relevant to the constantly changing advertising landscape. A Solid Multilingual

Innovative Digital Exposure for Fall 2022: Using Twitter’s Teeming Traffic to Boost Google Search Rankings

The many ways to use social media for digital marketing have altogether exploded in the last decade. The platforms that were once just showing people what you’re eating and your status for the day have now become incredibly lucrative and viable for those who offer products and services. Facebook’s rabid popularity marked the beginning of

Bravery Regarding Budgeting While Embracing Savvy Strategy: 4 Predictions for Digital Advertising in Q4

One of the most promising and reliable streams of advertising in the current market is selling advertising space for a frequently used platform. Industry giants such as Google, Twitter, and Tik Tok take in a very large amount of their overall revenue by these means, but lately there have been challenges regarding “guaranteed monthly home

“Averting the Digital Marketer’s Conversion Crunch”: Addressing Decreasing Click Volume in Google Ads

When anyone with a digital storefront or URL that is dependent on a healthy amount of traffic to succeed sees a drop in search volume, there can certainly be a reason to be alarmed. Every single click you miss out on means that any of your forms of competition are taking customers away from you,

“Maverick Status” For Your Latest Streaming Sensation: Winning SEO Strategies for YouTube

YouTube has long been one of the world’s most frequently viewed and subscribed social media platforms. With so many opportunities to post a variety of content and the ability to tailor campaigns for your target market, YouTube is a must for any brand’s detailed content strategy. To experience a sensational amount of growth on your

BIA Advisory Services Sees Ott as the Champion + Fastest Growing Platform for Local Advertisers

The current times have dictated numerous sources of worry for many local broadcasting entities, as individuals using alternate forms of streaming and internet-based platforms for entertainment have moved into the forefront. A new report from BIA Advisory Services reveals that the over-the-top (OTT) format is one of the fastest growing channels for users obtaining local

The Details of Top-of-the-Page Results: Tips From Google For eCommerce

When you have decided to begin an endeavor that involves eCommerce, it is easy to have “tunnel vision” in your day-to-day thinking. Every business owner would love it if it was as easy as dreaming up the product or service, creating the URL (with an excellent user experience), getting the billing software ready and finally

YouTube Pre-Roll: Catching the Target Market’s Attention Fully During the Countdown

When you’re planning to watch a video, whether a music video, a video about gaming tips or a hot new vehicle, you’re probably going to go to YouTube. It’s the most frequently used and practical means of finding the exact video you want very quickly. We’re here to inform you that the pre-roll ads frequently

Getting Customers to Return to the Virtual Shopping Cart: Social Media Retargeting

Social media platforms have long had the potential to show completely new customers your service or product, and can even bring focus back to something that might have been forgotten. The real success begins when you target the right audience for your product or service at the right time. Here’s a close-up from the Farfetched

Google Ads Implements Diagnostics Insights: A Detail-Driven Heads-up for Fine-Tuned Performance

Once you find out what product demographic you want to cater to, get your URL up to speed, work out any bugs with your server and get your products photographed, you will finally get click-throughs, low bounce rates and conversions! There is nothing better than when things begin to run smoothly, and you are looking

Maximizing the Competitive Metrics Within Google Ads

Google Ads is one of the most prominent and effective tools we use for our clients at Farfetched Studios. It can be a competitive domain, and constantly monitoring trends and your position is key to success.  Simply gauging how aggressive your competition is with Google ads is the beginning of a successful strategy. In the

Getting the Most out of RSAs: Tips on the Coming Shift to Google Responsive Search Ads

Just as it has been in the rest of the world lately, change has been coming fast and furious within the digital realm, as it seems nothing stays the same for long. On June 30, Responsive Search Ads will become the dominant ad format to be used in Google Ads accounts. This means that advertisers

Crucial Advertising Study Shows now how Print is Still Vital and Relevant

During the early 1980s, it was obvious just how television was becoming the predominant media source, as cable TV subscription levels exploded. Not as many opted for using newspapers and magazines as their information source, but before the internet became high-speed there was a minor catch: you still had to wait for the time slot

Facebook Parent Company Meta Announces Brain-Bending and Altruistic Origins of Human-Level AI

While we are intently working on a specific and customized campaign for you here at FarFetched Studios, we are constantly seeking the best ways to return your investment. This can still be with the use of Pay-Per-Click strategies, making the most of your Instagram account, or releasing killer content on YouTube. There has been an

Oracle Survey Results are in: Digital Marketing Hurdles and New Horizons Trending During 2022

To say that the past two years have been rife with demands and massive pressures for anyone in marketing would be putting it lightly, as being ruthlessly agile, adaptable, and innovative are now daily challenges for everyone. Oracle’s very thorough survey of over 850 marketing professionals in leadership and management roles reveals that 94% felt

Achieving Ultimate Success after the Storm: Post-Pandemic Strategies for Digital Marketing in 2022

Things have been so strange over the past two years that it would be a grave understatement to say that all of us here at FarFetched Studios have seen much uncertainty: some trends such as working from home have stuck around for the long haul, and some have turned tail and reared a bit more

2022’s Various Demands to Daringly Up Your Visual Digital Marketing Game

Since a picture has so much tangible and visceral worth in the digital realm, a well-placed and shot video now boasts even more as much. Currently becoming a very crucial part of any company’s strategy, video is appealing to 96% more consumers than ever before. Video is going to account for 82% of overall internet

Engaging Customers Through Message Optimization: Strengthening Retail Loyalty and Relying on the Touchless Purchase

Over the past two years, we have witnessed many changes here at Farfetched Studios across the digital marketing environment, and it seems as if the focus on the customer experience gained the ability to become better with advanced technology. Scheduling just about anything online, the ability to make touchless purchases in many stores, and getting

Small Business Digital Tips For the Win in 2022: Stand by For Immediate Implementation!

Digital Marketing is a landscape that is constantly changing daily and is frequently difficult to keep up with as you are making decisions that could make or break your bottom line while attracting attention to your brand. If any entity pays too much attention to immediately trending events and cycles, it can be easy to

How to Make the Most of Instagram For Your Business: Using the Search and Explore Feature

No matter what type of business you are running online, the more positive and organic exposure you get, the better. Instagram now has a search and explore page that steers users towards new content, and it can be a massively-productive means of allowing those online the chance to find your eye-popping new additions. Here are

How To Develop Press-Worthy Content

The development of press-worthy content is no easy task! Many of today’s most successful outlets are producing feature pieces that are higher quality and more in depth, and they are utilizing tactics that will engage their audience’s attention span more than ever before. Contextualizing topics can help you yield a satisfactory hit rate and paying

Synergizing SEO and Other Valuable Marketing Channels

SEO is a broad field with many points that affect a diverse base of marketing channels. The rules have changed quite frequently with Google, rankings, and many different algorithms, so an integrated approach is necessary to achieve the results you want and enrich the experience for your brand’s user.   Today, we’re going to touch

Ways AI Will Have an Affect on Digital Marketing

Ways 5 AI Will Dominate the Face of Digital Marketing in 2022  From the convenience of virtual assistants and chatbots to the actual task of generating the content, AI is already making its appearance and causing many changes to the ever-changing state of the digital marketing landscape. To stay ahead right now, today’s digital marketers

Interactive Content and Conversational Marketing Generate a Positive Consumer Response in the Digital Realm

The last few years within the ever-changing digital climate have shown all of us at FarFetched Studios just how important reaction time is. Thinking about different solutions always poses a bit of a challenge. Now, it seems for some as no matter where their spend lies, they are trawling through “no man’s land” without answers.

A Look Ahead: 5 Social Media Marketing Trends That Will Dominate 2022

It’s never too early to know what trends will dominate 2022! Here are some of the trends we believe will shape 2022 and the ways that you can use them to your advantage during a successful digital marketing campaign.  The Gradual Disappearance of Cookie Tracking:  With Google’s plan to phase out third-party cookies over the

Accelerating Your Business Minus Time-Consuming Algorithms? SEO’s Resurging Vitality

When it comes to digital marketing and your business, it is easy to focus on the newest trends and ignore some of the concrete elements that shape successful entities. Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok have been generating a very high amount of activity with a variety of different demographics. Many people don’t know that 70% of

The Top Digital Marketing Strategies to Grow a Successful E-Commerce Platform

Over the last 20 years, online shopping has grown by leaps and bounds. As soon as the pandemic influenced the market, changes accelerated very quickly! As most people are relieved that everyday norms somewhat went back to “normal”, a sizeable change has now reared its head regarding commerce. Since many consumers are now ordering goods

Google Ads Changes You Should Know About

PPC ads are one of the best ways to stay ahead of the curve and gain valuable exposure. Staying up to date is key, and Google has made some changes you should see! Here are some of the changes that have been recently made to Google ads: Keyword Matching was announced two months ago as

How to Use Google Ads to Fend of the Competition

Introducing a new product to the market is always exciting when customers line up to explore purchasing options for your new addition! As you promote with Google ads, competitors will see what you are doing, replicate it, and sell their own version. Here are some ways to put a damper on your competition’s sales numbers!

Digitally Decking The Halls: How to Ready Your Business for the Holidays

Over the past year, people have realized their loved ones are what they hold closest and most dear to them. With people wanting to show their appreciation, your album, clothing line, or new car model may be just what people want to find wrapped in a bow. Here are some things for your business to

How Google and Yelp Protect Against Fake Reviews

The benefits of expanding your business’s reach and fanbase through customer reviews is lucrative, as a customer’s word is the best source of true credibility. This has become a valuable tool over the last decade, and the two main players have revealed a list of new features last year that helped businesses communicate more effectively

Google’s Valuable Addition to the Search Terms Report

When many users first used search engines, they excitedly typed in what they wanted to find, and discovered online gaming platforms, groups with like-minded individuals, and thoughtful gifts for their loved ones! The whole time, savvy advertisers were figuring out what people were trying to find to assist with their marketing and research efforts.  Three

Adhering to Google’s Advertising Policy: Avoiding the Dreaded Third Strike

With massive reach and responsibility comes the need to regulate, and Google now has a three-strike ad policy system that is affecting many businesses and how they get their message across. Getting strikes comes with many different consequences for different types of businesses. Today, we will look at ways to avoid suspension during the coming

Tackling Google’s Ad Rejections: How to Prevent Disapproval of Your Ad Campaign

When you’ve put hours of hard work into an ad campaign, there is nothing worse than Google telling you your ad has been disapproved. We have learned that this automated review process does not filter through all of the details like a human would, and in many instances, these disapprovals are incorrectly doled out. Here

Custom Conversion Events and Other Tips for Campaign Growth: Strategies to Succeed in Today’s PPC Landscape

PPC advertising has provided businesses with the useful opportunity to choose their own keywords, use vast amounts of data, and hone in to target your audience. At Farfetched Studios, we have devised some PPC strategies of our own that allow us to provide a consistently winning strategy for you to promote products, services, and portals

Ways to Conquer Local SEO Challenges and Confidently Secure Business

There’s nothing like being able to brand yourself locally as the favorite. Car dealerships, bakeries, photographers, and local sports outfitters are a few examples of digital and physical storefronts that win big with a new customer base by boosting local search engine results. We will share a few of the ways that we can help

Transactional Emails That Align With Customer Needs Get Winning Results

As you are planning and updating your digital marketing strategy, transactional emails are a vital means of providing a human and thoughtful touch to catch your customer’s attention! Once a sale has taken place, every customer expects a form of follow-up, and here at Farfetched Studios we have closely monitored and tracked what grabs attention

Crushing Facebook and Instagram Stories For Branding

It is no secret that Facebook and Instagram have both been huge winners in the social media realm. The stories feature on both platforms allow you as a brand to emulate the human touch, which is what ultimately builds trust. Here at FarFetched Studios, we know how stories can help you, and we have an

Could Impressions Boast as High Face Value As Engagements For Social Media Users?

For anyone out there aspiring to thrive in the digital realm by offering a product or service, a very high value has been put on social media engagement. This is an essential metric for gauging the overall performance of social media campaigns. How many times it was displayed or had potential “eyeballs” on it is

Crushing A Time-Sensitive Product Campaign: PPC Advertising 101

No matter what type of product or service you offer, mastering the art of search ads allows you to reach interested individuals at a fair price. Pay-per-click advertising is a medium that is rapidly changing, and one that can be a bit expensive during the learning curve. When customers get online, some know exactly what

Destination Successful Digital Summer: Common Content Marketing Errors To Avoid

Even when your business is thriving, constantly creating fresh content for your website, blog, and social media pages are ways to keep your audience engaged. However, it is very easy to make mistakes, and some of them can temporarily hinder the success of even the most successful businesses. Here are a few of the most

The Coming Drastic Shift Regarding Targeted Ads: FloC Groups By Interest to Ensure Privacy

The Nuance of Your Secrets Under a Magnifying Glass: Everyone on the web eager to find what they are looking for is going to quickly hop on a search engine to find results, and expect as streamlined and accurate results as possible. Where things get much more serious is regarding the current state of privacy:

5 Digital Marketing Trends Worth Embracing For Great 2021 Agency Performance

If your branding is on point, returns are just as you hoped they were, and your trend report looks good, things are going to be feeling good at the office. If the last year has shown any seasoned firm that deals extensively with digital anything, it is that what happened yesterday may not forecast good

How Behavioral Science Can Help Social Media Influencers

Any successful social media influencer will tell you that your followers are important. They will also tell you that the number of followers who view and engage in your posts is equally important. But have you ever stopped to wonder, “Why do people like my posts?” This is where psychology and behavioral science come into

Increase Your Click-Through Rate: 5 Secrets From Marketing Experts

Are you looking for ways to improve your click-through rate? How do you not only capture your audience but keep their attention long enough to read your content and then follow through with an action? It’s all in the headline. At Farfetched Studios, we have it down to a science utilizing well-researched methods to drive

New Spotify Advertising Details

At Farfetched Studios, we are always looking for innovative ways to help our clients reach more potential customers. We are excited to fill you in on the latest streaming ad insertion (SAI)’s capabilities coming soon with Spotify. Spotify upped the game for 2021, introducing the first-of-its-kind Spotify Audience Network, an audio advertising marketplace allowing precise

Performance Marketing in 2021- Top Recommendations

As a digital marketing agency, Farfetched Studios has always valued the online world’s importance and know how powerful it is to build and sustain a business. It is the basis of what we do. We have a passion for understanding the fine details of a consumer journey that ultimately lead to your business. With the

4 Reasons Why You Should Buy Your Brand Name

Let’s talk strategy. At Farfetched Studios, we mean business, and if there are proven strategic ways to up your marketing game, we’re the ones to make it happen. If you don’t want to rely on SEO’s long game, Google ads can be your best friend if done correctly. You may already be utilizing this tool

When Should You Run Your Facebook Ads?

Over the years marketers have debated what the best time is to run Facebook ads. Everyday leads to a new study that disproves the last. At first, “Weekends are the best time to post!” Then the next claims, “Weekdays get the best ROI for marketers!” Followed by “Both are wrong, best times to post are

Choosing Your Content Marketing Channels in 2021

Content marketing at Farfetched Studios comes down to two simple things: 1. Content Creation2. Content Distribution For many content based marketers, step 1 is the start and stopping point, where they continue to produce new content without any real plan to distribute the content to the audience. It is great to be able to create

Plan and Measure: The Essentials for Social Media Marketing Strategy

Social media will not be successful without a strategy. Social Media can be an incredibly effective marketing tool when used correctly. But more often than not, social campaigns fail. This is because it requires dedication, adaptability and a lot of hard work to be successful in social. Posting random photos every few weeks may look

Customer-Centric Marketing: 5 Ways to Engage Customers in 2021

The turn of the year for online advertisers marks a new starting line and a welcome restart after navigating the ups and downs through 2020 and it’s holiday season. Many are adapting a new mindset and looking for new strategies in 2021, or returning to strategies that have always produced. Even with all the new

Google My Business: 5 Things You Should Be Utilizing

It is now 2021, and Farfetched Studios has come to recognize Google as the standard for customers searching for businesses and products online and nearby. Surprisingly only about 50% of business owners have claimed their Google My Business (GMB) listing and validated their address and business information. Most owners are already extremely busy with the

Mobile Marketers Prepare for a Privacy-First Future

With 2021 Finally here, mobile marketers are finding it hard to definitively label their prospects for this year with optimism or pessimism – Farfetched Studios thinks maybe a little of both. On one side, mobile ad spending continues to climb and app usage is expanding, creating a promising future. All at a time when consumer

Media Buyers Share Questionable Outlook on 2021 with the Loss of Cookies and Weakened First-Party Data

Projected to account for nearly 75% of all budgets in 2021, Digital Media continues to grow while traditional advertising slips. According to the Interactive Ad Bureau, 2021 is on trend to being a year lead by digital advertising, but some technical issues like the blocking of web cookies have scared many media buyers and hindered

Google Ads Pushes Advertisers to Give Broad Match Another Chance

Suggested Broad Match Keywords are starting to show in Google Recommendations Google has started to show new Recommendations for switching to broad match keywords in Google Ads. “If you’re using Smart Bidding, we’ll identify existing keywords that are likely to improve performance if you switch them to broad match,” Google said in a blog post

Streaming Continues to Grow: What the Industry Needs to Focus On Now

Streaming has changed and grown exponentially this past year and continues to grow in importance for marketers as it rises to main stream media numbers. With this continued growth, Ad spend in the streaming digital ad space is projected to pass $10 billion dollars in 2021, according to eMarketer. In the early 2010s, streaming video

TikTok Named ‘Marketer Of The Year’ By Ad Age

The top 5 spots on the leading advertising news outlet’s definitive list of marketers world wide. Ad Age is one of the leading influencers on decision makers and trend setters in the marketing and media world. They recently released their 2020 Marketers of the Year list, with TikTok claiming the #1 position. This list is

Learn More: Automotive Inventory Ads

Dynamic Inventory ads Optimized for In-Market Targeting based on a Vehicle. Automotive Inventory ads utilize your current vehicle catalog, Facebook Pixel and your user engagement data across Facebook to show specific ads to in-market customers like recent shoppers on your website, app and marketplace visitors. These new ads allow manufacturers and dealerships to upload the

Email Marketing Issues to Leave In the Past with 2020

Are you trying to take your email marketing strategy to the next level in 2021? Farfetched Studios takes a look at common mistakes marketers make Many business owners across the world are getting ready for Q1 and many changes are on the way based on the results from this previous year. The main objective will

YouTube Dominates Google’s Top Rankings for Source of Video

Perficient Digital finds 83% of Videos in Search Results Carousel are from YouTube. Many believe that Google favors it’s YouTube content before other video sites in their search results. The Wall Street Journal ran an analysis in July, 2020 and found “Google searches placed YouTube videos first in video carousel results by an overwhelming margin…

Proactively Building Negative Keyword Lists in Google Ads is More Important than Ever

Ahead of schedule, Google appears to have rolled out new automated features to further enhance its machine learning. All of this comes with a new “cost to the advertiser”… Farfetched Studios has discovered some ways to help review your account and avoid pitfalls! Google has begun restricting terms within the advertisers search query report to

Finding Balance: Work Days and Media Habits Merge

In more ways than we can realize, our day-to-day lives have been disrupted with the ongoing pandemic. Especially those with the traditional nine-to-five day jobs. The country’s quarantine forced many to bring the office home and blurring the lines between work, life and leisure. Here at Farfetched Studios we know that with more time at

Estimated 121 Million TV Homes for the 2020-2021 TV Season in the U.S.

The Nielsen National Television Household Universe estimates that there are 121 million TV homes in the United States for the upcoming 2020-2021 TV Season. One of the main aspects we take into account at Farfetched Studios when developing a marketing plan is the overall reach of the campaign and how to achieve that goal. To

20 Years of Google Ads: Top 5 Changes and Trends of the Last 5 Years

Farfetched Studios takes a look back on some of the largest changes in Google Ads over the last 5 years to prepare for the future of search. 20 years has now passed since the release of Google Ads (AdWords). By its 15th birthday Google Ads had turned into a $60 billion dollar business and their

Farfetched Studios SEO Guide – 8 Google Ranking Factors

Here at Farfetched Studios we keep track of over two hundred different Google ranking factors, but which ones are more important? Here is our list of the most important ranking factors! In the SEO community we are always on the lookout for new ranking factors and during our time as an agency we have discovered

Ability to Stay Updated on Local Vendors’ COVID-19 Safety Measures Via Search Engine Now Active

If any theme is prevalent right now while doing business, it is that of staying safe. Customers who are thinking of approaching a local business are without a doubt sizing them up based on their safety and health protocol. Going unprepared in person to see how well they meet current health standards may not be

The Path to Purchase: Reaching Consumers Via Digital Advertising

When Americans are making the exciting choice of purchasing a new automobile, paying an in-person visit to the dealership has rapidly become a less necessary means of accomplishing the task. The many ways that technology has helped this have ushered in the introduction of more choices for consumers looking to buy. With the pandemic still

Tell-Tale Traits Defining Valuable Site Visitors: Duration of Engagement

World-famous CMO Stuart McDonald remarked brilliantly regarding metrics when he claimed that “Time and money are your scarcest resources. Data reveals impact, and with data, you can bring more science to your decisions.” Even though the many various metrics used in the digital marketing world can be confusing, many of the most successful players have

The Disruption of Deep Rooted Habit: Auto Dealers Now Shifting to Digital Domain

As many generations of hard-working men and women began to prosper and branch out to enjoy the better things in life, the process of buying a new car was one of the household tasks that remained for the most part the same over the years. Even with the internet becoming much faster and more accessible

Connected TV Measurements Prove Marketing Potential over Linear Television

If there is a prevalent theme while navigating advertising and marketing tasks right now, it is that most entities are on the move rapidly finding ways to accomplish more with fewer resources. With millions of viewers now sheltering in place, the pandemic has delivered a major blow to linear TV viewing and has added a

As Brands See Need to Evolve and Remain Resilient, Nearly Half of All Consumers Crave Personalization

Innovoid is currently the leading independent analytics and advertising platform geared for television, and they recently made public their interesting findings of a very focused consumer study. Taking an up-close look at what consumers now prefer for personalized advertising during the pandemic, more than 1000 adults were polled online during July 2020. After the results

Assessing a Survey-Backed Snapshot: Consumer Behavior During the New Norm

A new survey taken of nearly 300 marketers at for-profit US companies has shown us some revealing traits about how drastically the Covid pandemic has changed the landscape for anyone marketing products. Since in-person marketing engagements have dropped (or disappeared) so drastically, consumers are now more open to digital mediums to receive the message about

Success During A Changing Landscape: Fine-Tuning Your Marketing Intelligence Strategy

As many different forms of businesses put forth an effort to reopen and adjust to what has become a new normal, there have been extreme changes to the marketing environment daily. It has now become more important than ever to have a perfect balance between time efficiency, resources, and budget while planning for future growth

Is Your Digital Marketing Strategy Falling Short? Telltale Signs It’s Time for a Revamp

After a month in the digital trenches, you may reflect on how you definitely thought Facebook ads were the best, you had your demographic perfectly sized up, and you had even had a budget for a video that you ran as a web spot. The 30th comes and you are sitting in that meeting where

Digital Marketing For 2020: Assuring That you Are Crushing The Curve

When it comes to all of the various ways to excel at digital marketing, if you skip a beat, you are akin to Charlie Sheen in the “Major League” movie: touting rookie status. Techniques that worked last year quickly expire and the domain as a whole became a more intelligent discipline as technology evolved, with

Paving Your Profitable Path: 5 Important Digital Marketing Trends For The Future

Just a few decades ago, one of the best ways to advertise your product was to research the Nielsen ratings, put together a commercial, and run a TV spot. Many entities saw a huge amount of success by just researching what shows were popular and producing a fresh commercial that put forth a good representation

Advertisers Explore In-Game Ads as Audiences Explode During Quarantine

In 1982, Disney released a movie that was widely misunderstood by many but became a cult classic among certain individuals who already had a passion for video games and computers. “Tron” depicted an actual “program” that as a human being was made to enter a computer and battle other programs, complete with motorcycles, flying spaceships,

LinkedIn Announces Highly-Awaited Targeting Options for Ad Engagement

What was once a social platform that in all ways was the “New guy on the block”, LinkedIn boasted 675 million monthly users in 2020. 30 Million companies have a presence here, and an advertisement placed on LinkedIn can reach an astounding 12% of the world’s population. They have recently announced engagement retargeting options, which

KPI’s for Digital Marketing: Aligning Indicators for Winning Strategy

Approximately 83% of businesses believe currently that their current efforts in the digital marketing realm are leading them into success for their long-term goals. There are billions of consumers worldwide who now use the internet to do their shopping, recommend their favorites to friends and family, and research companies that offer what they need. With

Google Will Launch New Video Series to Help Businesses Succeed in Digital Marketing

In today’s climate, there are many different choices to make when deciding what product or service to offer. Everything from pet grooming to sportswear franchises have seen massive success, but you will be facing competition from the beginning and have to have a digital strategy to gain the edge and market success.   Google is

The Current Climate’s Top Queries: 3 new Search Trends for Marketing

To properly achieve digital marketing goals for any type of firm, it is always of extreme value to know what searches are trending in the current climate. Anyone who has taken the steps to immerse themselves in consumer data will know that search behavior and demand change rapidly, and after the global pandemic hit this

Creating Content with Confidence Behind the Lens: How Video Will Become Integral in the Coming Days

Since the world encountered such a very drastic change over the past quarter and many were suddenly confined to their homes, studies showed that an astonishing 80% of consumers have quickly devoured more content than ever before. Video is what they are mostly after, and within two years 82% of content creation will be video.

Share of Voice: Metrics, Management, and a Look at the Measurable Context

With the advent of digital marketing, there were now scores of new available revolutionary ways to get the message across for many brands and products. But along with success comes many challenges, and it also increased the number of metrics that are now so important to constantly monitor. The stark truth of this matter is

Google Steps up to the Plate in a Major Way: Crisis Response Donorship at its Finest

Anyone who has tuned into the news over the past month has been subjected to quite a few headlines that don’t necessarily make one feel good, but we have got one hot off the digital press for you today! As soon as the COVID – 19 virus began it’s spread through the nation, so many

During Troubling Events, Local TV News Dominates as the Chosen Medium

The novel coronavirus has put a red alert across the globe, as restrictions and worry have grasped the US while the problem spread. The United States began to really suffer the impact of the sometimes fateful virus later than other parts of the globe, and there is a grave interest in where individuals are getting

Survival of the Savviest: Digital Marketing to Dominate During Unstable Times

In the times that now lie just ahead of us, businesses of all types are going to become more dependent than ever on the digital strategy that they have planned. For many various models, this could be the deciding factor regarding whether or not they can succeed during the challenges ahead. While some states and

COVID-19 Protocol: Principles to Steer a Digital Marketing Vessel Through Difficult Times

One thing that any proud American can agree with is that our nation has been through numerous unique and trying times. Recessions, depressions, the anguish of war and the sweet victory of economic expansion: they all are very trying and can also serve as history-making moments. Even though there is not a tried-and-true guidebook for

How not to Regret Repurposing: The Fine Points of TV vs. YouTube

Many of the people in your professional and social circle may have been on a bandwagon of sorts lately that we are very familiar with, and have coined a phrase that has become wildly popular: “Cut the Cord!”. As some have become dissatisfied with the cable TV industry, they have turned to streaming services and

Google Rolls Out Re-Designed Desktop Search with Favicons for Organic Results

Last May, search engine giant Google released a redesign for the mobile search results that saw the addition of a new black “Ad” label and favicons by the URLS in the organic search results snippets. Now, there has been a refresh of desktop search results. The search engine tweeted Monday “Last year, our search results

Searchengineland’s Expert Analysis: Google My Business Year in Review

We all know Google, and how it has an incredibly far reach of every part of the online stratosphere, but what exactly is Google My Business? Commonly known as GMB, Google My Business is a specific business listing on Google, bearing similarity to directories like Yelp. It’s also a very valuable component of ranking on

Streaming Giant Spotify Announces Their Own Podcast Advertising Technology

Spotify announced a major event in January: they are now going to launch their own  proprietary podcast advertising technology. Named “Streaming Ad Insertion”, it will be applied predominantly to Spotify’s original programming and shows that are exclusive to this platform. Since they have already established a connection to millions of podcast listeners, they do possess

Dominating Via Data Means: the Advantage of Comprehensive Collection

Data-enabled learning has long been known as one of the virtues of having a large customer base, and an asset that can make any entity have an unbeatable edge regarding the competition. The more customers you have, the more data you can gather, and with the use of machine-learning tools, can have you ultimately offering

Stand and Deliver: The Techie’s Science of Making Sure Emails Go Where Planned

Much like the segment of the company that is depicted in the beloved British comedy, the IT department is sometimes the one that is on the help desk line asking you “if you turned it off and on again” to fix the problem! The IT Department is usually the brains behind the gusto for configuring