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Start with Why

By: Simon Sinek How? what? why? Start with the why The best part of the book is the end. There is great info along the way, tremendously valuable info BUT it all makes sense at the end. Whether you are trying to mimick some of the success of Apple, Wal-Mart’s earlier years when they were

Twelve and a Half

By: Gary Vaynerchuk Emotions are an interesting part of business. Not a lot of people go into starting a business thinking about the emotional strength and control you need to be successful. Secondly, people don’t always take into account the emotions that you are going to have to deal with from your team at any


By: Jim Kwik The book was “Eh”. Seemed like a lot of the content was elementary. Not bad but not incredible. #readmorebooks #growthmindset #entrepreneurlife

See you at the Top

By: Zig Ziglar “This is the book you should start with”….I’ve caught myself saying this multiple times while reading it. From mindset, priming your environment (but not using those terms) and alignment with those around you for a common goal of success. Yes there are some old school thoughts on here that Zig Ziglar throws

Uncommon Leadership: 11 Ways the Greatest Leaders Lead

By: Ben Newman A little background on Ben Newman, he’s a St. Louis guy that has been helping top performers find their “why” or as he puts it, their “burn.” He works with top athletes in professional and collegiate sports, most notably helping the football team at Alabama (yes the team lead by Nick Saban

From Poop to Gold

By: Chris Jones “Poop to Gold” is most definitely a catchy title but reading past the cover this book is all about the Harmon Brothers. A Utah based creative agency that has built campaigns for “Squatty Pottie” and a ton of others. The cool thing about looking at other agencies and how they do business


By: Zig Ziglar Out of all the books that I’ve read, start here. GOALS by Zig Ziglar is such a great starting point for anyone. Lost in life, haven’t gotten started yet, can’t figure out your purpose, can’t stay motivated….it’s all there in this book. It has a nice little exercise at the end of

The Checklist Manifesto: How to get things Done

By: Atul Gawande My office hates it sometimes but when we make a mistake or have an issue that keeps arising I ask these questions; do we have a checklist? Was it followed to the “T”? Or is it time to create a checklist? So why the book? Well, every checklist needs a tune up

The Practice

By: Seth Godin (if you don’t know who he is, look him up. He is an extensive marketing resource) The book is a 250 page reminder that shipping creative has to be done often and without regard to other people’s opinions. If you are too fearful to ship the work it will never be seen

W1nning: The Unforgiving Race to Greatness

By: Tim S. Grover For those that don’t know, Tim Grover is a performance coach for athletes and business persons. Michael Jordan was a client, Kobe Bryant and many other great athletes. So how does a performance coach help me get better at running my business and achieving a next level of performance? Well it

Atomic Habits

By: James Clear Sometimes you think a drastic change is the best way to change your habits and get on the right track, whether it is starting that new diet, the new workout plan, getting more done at work or just cutting out bad habits to make more time for your good ones (like reading

Made to Stick

By: Chip Heath & Dan Heath Creatives are always trying to find ideas that stick in people’s heads like a traumatic experience but without the therapy. Got to say this book rocks at explaining the why and how of making brand messaging stick. From comparing your product or service to concrete ideas that everyone understands


By: Ray Dalio Probably one of the best books that I’ve read so far regarding business structure and meritocracy. This sucker is 500+ pages which is definitely the longest book I’ve read in a decade. The whole premise is not only to structure your business but also your life so you get what you want

Sizing People Up

By: Robin Dreeke and Cameron Stauth Why is an entrepreneur reading a book about behavioral prediction? Well in the past 10 years I’ve realized that the more you can predict, the more you can control and right now I want to control growth as well as stability in my team. The information I sought after

Pitch Anything

By: Oren Klaff Probably one of the most powerful books I’ve read. Once you read it and see it reflected in your conversations, there really is no turning it off. #framing #pitchanything #orenklaff #goodread #entrepreneurs

Blue Ocean Shift: Beyond Competing

By: W. Chan Kim & Renée  Tough read, very strategic and analytical. Part of my issue was that I found this one difficult to get into by just reading 10 pages per day. I’d recommend reading whole chapters at a time just to get fully immersed in the topic. The book is good, finding a

Never Lose a Customer Again

By: Joey Coleman All about improving the customer experience during every stage of interacting with your business. From the introduction to the 10 year anniversary of them being a customer. Creating a unique experience for those customers that doesn’t make them feel like just another sale is key. This could be used in your dealership

Losing my Virginity

By: Richard Branson Finally finished this one. Took me a bit but learned a lot. Richard Branson’s entrepreneurial journey is centered around “what if” and “why not”, laced with a rollercoaster of wins/losses. Thankfully his relentless journey and curiosity made the unthinkable (or Farfetched) attainable. From fighting off big monopoly style companies trying to eat

Poke the Box

By: Seth Godin #PokeTheBox #SethGodin is a great book for both managers and even entry level staffers. It is more of a rant about us as a society being trained to get permission before doing instead of just taking the initiative. Got to love this! This is literally how Farfetched was started. The digital world was growing

Can’t Hurt Me

By: David Goggins A unique read. Mental strength is a tough obstacle for many. If you struggle with mental discipline, going the extra mile and digging deep to give everything your best then this book will give you some inspiration. It’s sometimes hard to think past the struggles or frustrations of life or work, but

Why Now is the Time to Crush It

By: Gary Vaynerchuck Probably should have read this 10 years ago. Great book about using social media to exploit your passion and eventually creating your own brand that you can eventually monetize. Whether your brand focuses on a business you own today or just a passion that you like sharing with people that can later

Shoe Dog

By: Phil Knight Perseverance, faith in your mission, passion for your business and damn near broke at just about every turn….entrepreneurship isn’t for everyone. When you think “Nike” you imagine a company with a big bank roll, huge ad budget and a big brand that reaches to the most detached parts of the world. It

From Impossible to Inevitable

By: Aaron Ross & Jason Lemon Probably going to need to read this one again and take better notes. Great book that covers the full spectrum of business start ups and mindset. #impossibletoinevitable #adagencylife #stlouis #mindset #pressureequalsgrowth