Farfetched Studios Marketing Agency Reflects on Its First 5 Years

A look back at our development years, accomplishments and what the future may hold

In July 2010, Farfetched Studios LLC set out to set apart its clients from the competition. With a heavy focus on digital advertising campaigns while still remembering the power of traditional media such as TV and radio, we wanted to make a difference for our clients.

Fast forward to July 2015, and Farfetched Studios celebrates its fifth year of marketing, blog posts, copy writing, digital display and search ads, SEO and much more. We wanted to extend a Thank You to our clients for giving us the opportunity to improve your advertising presence and strategy — and we came through for you.

FFS_5yr_BLOGIMG_JULY15Farfetched Studios goes the extra step. When we come across a problem or come across something “out of scope,” we don’t run and hide — we find the right solution. Instead of throwing out bland, cookie-cutter displays or generic search ads, we tailor each ad to stand out among the competition.

What we’ve seen in the past five years in terms of advertising technology continues to amaze and simultaneously intrigue us. Digital ad technology has made interesting advances in the last half-decade. We always stay on top of the latest advancements in Google, Bing, television and more.

Reaching the top at home and away

One of our clients we work with is an institution in our hometown of St. Louis. As a St. Louis marketing agency, we are eager to help improve businesses in our city. One of our automotive dealerships we work with has the high regard of being the No. 1 Chevrolet dealer in the state. However, we don’t focus only on their Chevy dealer. We work with the entire group’s network, sharpening our writing and marketing skills.

We’ve also help with home remodeling companies in the St. Louis area, so don’t think we only work with automotive dealers. If you want your business’s marketing strategy to take the next step forward or you want to incorporate more digital presence, Farfetched Studios is your answer!

Our skills aren’t just limited within the St. Louis city limits. Our marketing helps add to the efforts of Georgia’s top RAM and FIAT dealer as well as the country’s No. 1 Dodge dealer. We are excited about this for a few reasons. One is that it shows our efforts matter and make a difference. Another is that we don’t keep our skills hidden to just our local market. Whether your business is on the West Coast, East Coast or anywhere in between, we will work with you!

Once again, thanks to our clients that give us the opportunity to improve their ad campaigns, and here’s to the next five years!

If you’ve examined your marketing strategy and want more for your business, let us know! Contact Farfetched Studios today for a proposal.

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