Fascination with The Photogenic Platform: Cost-Free Methods For Getting More Instagram Followers

As soon as many digital marketers felt like they had a handle on cultivating and managing content for Facebook, other social media sites rose quickly that viewers became rapidly obsessed with. Instagram not only allows users to share the photos that they love, but also to engage with each other and build a brand with tremendous appeal. Boosted posts and buying followers may work for a short amount of time, but marketers have found that some may not stick around for the long haul.

With over 2 billion users each day, this platform has become a place where anyone with a product or service to offer wants to do much more than just lurk as a spectator. After closely examining and testing various ways to get new followers on Instagram here at Farfetched Studios, we have concluded that these are some of the best digitally baked-in goodies that will lead to success!

1. “Save the Virtual Space” on the Content Calendar: 

One of the best strategies when sharing content is to keenly focus on how you want it optimized within a given time frame. When you are at the drawing board figuring out how to make the best use of certain dates and times, there are very few important things to consider. Since photographs can stir emotions even more rapidly than text content, it can be good to act with an air of spontaneity. 

Even though this strategy is valuable, it is good to have a large calendar to draw from as a rule of thumb to show your followers a sense of regularity. Several times a day is a sensible happy medium, and pre-conceived ideas such as new releases, users who love your product, and holiday-themed topics are great to deliver up for standard fare on the regular. 

2. Benchmark Standards for Curated Content:

Business accounts on Instagram encountered some slightly cringe days when the platform first got started! It’s not just the quality of the equipment you are shooting the photograph with, it can be the way you present yourself or word captions that make a big difference. In July 2015, the pixel square ability was upped to 1080, with horizontal and vertical image capacity added in August. 

The Portrait or Vertical image option is best for marketers, as it gives the most impact in the stream. 1080-pixel width by 1350 pixels tall is an optimal measurement, and Instagram will automatically reduce photos that are uploaded as larger. We still see a few blurry and pixelated images out there, and these can be incredibly detrimental to the marketer’s vitality and following. 

3. Getting the Most out of the Available Analytics:

An Instagram business account gives the user access to analytics, usefully alerting you to your audience’s most active intervals online. Much like Google, you will learn valuable information about your sought-after demographics gender, age, and where they are located. this type of data is so available that it is the basis for the invasive cookies that will soon disappear and provides you the opportunity to find ways to offer exactly what audiences are looking for.

4. The Inclusive Interaction of a Quick Tag: 

One of the greatest struggles you’ll face on Instagram is finding a way for people who are following you to learn about you. Once you have located accounts that could have a relevant interest in what you’re offering, it’s an ideal time for you to randomly show up for a visit! If you own a business that sees your customers participating in groups, one great tactic is to tag everyone when they’re together, and then their friends will notice your business when you show up in their feed. This is one of the tactics that require a great deal of calculation: once you have done this and it works like a charm, repeating it right away may have you coming off as a bit over-eager. 

Telling Your Story and the Beauty of Branded Hashtags:

The space allocated for an “Insta bio” can feature branded hashtags, a URL, and a call-to-action, one of the most important elements that new users will remember you by. Here you can let others know what makes you tick, and the reasons why you set out to provide your good or service. What we have noticed is that this is where brands sometimes can sound a bit desperate for new business. Asking multiple questions to pinpoint customer needs and overconfidence can be turnoffs. 

We have seen since the pandemic that “average people” are much more appealing than influencers who claim to have a high amount of social clout. If you do possess a charming image, it’s best to take a few gracious steps back and simply give viewers a good reason to follow you. Many brands have seen massive success with the “less is more” approach, while others have expanded a bit on their future goals and drawn things out slightly.

Instagram is gaining traction by the day much like the high traffic and short attention-spanned domain of TikTok, and as soon as users caught on to its format, it became massively popular. Telling your story is our specialty here at FarFetched Studios, and we are thrilled to remain by your side and at your disposal during the process of maximizing each social media medium’s full potential. 

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