February Framework Fine-Tuning: 6 Steps to Improve Your Email Marketing Game For 2023

One of the most important tools for successful digital marketing has consistently been in plain view while many other social media strategies can seem to dominate. Nearly 4 billion users are clicking on their inbox each day, with each one being a milestone potential for any marketer with a product or service to offer. With so many opportunities in the mix, it seems like a guarantee for success, but there are some very specific strategies to assure you dominate this means of conversion. 

Here are some of the tips for success we have found here at Farfetched Studios that assure your positive A-game regarding your email strategy for 2023. 

Don’t Leave Your List on the Wayside:

The initial steps of email marketing can be a daunting task, yet it needs to be tackled at least twice annually. One of the most important tools for success here is a validation and verification tool. If your list is not up to date, you may suffer the consequences of a very ineffective campaign. If your list encounters too many bounced emails, Google may provide you with the hurdle of some not-so-positive attention. 

The Productive Tools of the Trade: 

Since there is so much work to do for a winning result, the right tool will ultimately save you an abundance of precious time. Automated platforms such as Moosend can assist you with collecting and keeping valuable consumer data on hand, and provide a boost of intelligence that is massively productive. It is a very practical means of managing your list, organizing your customers, and taking personalization to the next productive level. If you attempt this on your own, even the most data-savvy expert will be surprised at the hours it will take to do it proficiently. 

The Sincere Sense of Personalization:

The individual on the receiving end is not going to want to receive a generic email from a questionable source. This will lead them to believe that it is a chance encounter, and that they are just one in a sea of prospects. If you can find a creative way to personalize the offer, they are more likely to give a positive response. If you do a good job of tracking activity across your pages, you can even offer the value factor of discounting an item that they had their eyes on in the past. Incorporating personal data is also a fantastic way to cross-sell a product that is similar to what they have enjoyed in the past. 

Make Things Eye-Popping Yet Simple for Mobile:

Most of the people you want to reach are opening their emails on mobile devices, as they move about for the day and get things done. The first thing to do is make sure you have a good font size, by quickly sending an email to yourself and then looking at it on your phone. Scroll down and make sure that, for the most part, images are centered and flow well with down-scrolling text. If you happen to use a source other than YouTube for Video, make sure that it plays back quickly, and doesn’t just show a blank square or a random “content missing” error. The Call to Action button should be as touch-friendly as possible, and far away from other description text to avoid confusion. 

Sure-Fire Sharpening of Your Subject Line:

The decision to open your email is absolutely made the instant your recipient is reading the subject line. After realizing this, one huge mistake marketers make is to stuff it with content that is rich with fabricated “bait.” If they see that getting into the email yields them content that is not relevant to the subject line, they will forfeit right away. This keeps your click-through drearily low, and increases your bounce rate. At this stage of the game, it is essential to realize that some readers were never your audience anyways, and hanging with words on the prospect’s next need or general state of mind is essential. 

Consciously + Continuously Refining Your CTA:

You may have many goals with your email campaign beyond sales. Times have been so turbulent the past few years that you may just want to remind people that you are still around! Or, you may be forging onward to an exciting period of growth or expansion. Bright colors and a non-crowded layout allow for a smooth transition to the CTA, and ample contrast without blurriness can provide a finely-honed visual touch. Including a video can also increase your click-through rates by up to 3 times: we feel that testimonials and real-life endorsements win big here. 

We are experts at making sure that your email marketing strategy is winning, consistent, and efficient. As the year ramps up with new challenges and valuable funnels are perhaps a bit harder to master and nurture, all of us at FarFetched Studios can help bridge the gap between dreams and deciding to grab a firm hold of fulfilling prosperity!