Foliage, Flavors, and Fresh Marketing: Fall Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses

So many amazing things happen in the Fall as the days get shorter and nights get chillier! The return of football, droves of students again hitting the books, and the dazzling colors on neighborhood trees all are vital to the ability to amp up your business marketing. The changing of seasons can appeal greatly to a new customers’ emotions, and make your existing ones feel the “warm and fuzzy” sensation, much like a robust and comforting cup of cider! 

Here are some savvy ways to take advantage of this very transformational season and capitalize on the ghouls and “back to school” feels of the season.

Season-Specific Content Marketing: 

The idea behind any successful form of content marketing is to make your key demographic very curious about what you are offering, and eager to respond to your CTA. Captivating content is great at building trust and planting the seeds for long-term loyalty. To use Fall’s unique persona to your company’s full advantage, it’s best to take an introspective look at your brand’s identity. Even if your predominant offerings derive from another season’s activities, there are many ways to integrate this diverse season into email marketing and other updates. 

Colorful Leaves, Colorful Wins: Explore Fall Giveaways

Everyone has a competitive nature, and the Fall is an excellent time to use it to fully engage your audience! If you have a physical storefront, there are many different types of events you could come up with on the fly. Costume contests, candy-apples and dipping, and fantasy sports leagues are all engaging and fun-themed events that work. If you can put together a raffle, the proceeds can be donated to an esteemed local charity or diligent food bank in the area. Once you have the idea ready to go, tagging those who you want to participate  is a great way to quickly gain new followers!

Harvesting Opportunity By Embracing Fall Spirit:

If you have a physical storefront, there are many different opportunities to enjoy the fun that this season brings! Any type of festive decorations that commemorate the season acts as a warm and inviting invitation for people to stop in and see what you are offering. With the combination of Halloween and Thanksgiving, there are a large variety of ways to give your merchandise and your services a Fall twist. Even simple merchandising changes such as new sweatshirts are a great decision, but it’s a good idea to push the envelope since people love a good spook! Bracelets, charms, and coffee mugs all have clever spaces to evoke a fall branding spirit. 

Turning Leaves into Gold: Capitalizing on Fall with Special Offerings

The scarcity principle has seen many marketers see success, as consumers always develop an intense attraction (and attachment!) to items that are only going to be there for a short interval of time. After closely analyzing the products and services you offer, there are a few ways to “create a fork in the road” and drive interest. It’s not just items such as candles and décor that can apply to those in the fall, and the colors of orange, yellow, and red are always sensory triggers that evoke the hearth, warmth, and a season of amazing change.

Sweater Weather Marketing: Fall-Themed Direct Mail Done Right

Since the act of receiving mail has become a bit of a forgotten art form, all of us here at FarFetched Studios have realized that people enjoy an organic form of fall surprise when something is in their inbox! One of the absolute best elements of a direct mail campaign is a coupon, and a sale that has been themed for fall is attractive to consumers from so many different walks of life! We love spending our fall hours going over demographic data for email campaigns, and the fact that they now reach so many smart devices render them not quite so old-fashioned anymore. 

Leaves, Likes, and Shares: Maximizing Your Social Media Impact in the Fall Season

Stories on Instagram and TikTok have captured the attention of millions: 35% of U.S. consumers now use Instagram for customer service, second after only Facebook. The story retention rate starts to dip a staggering 75% after the sixth frame, and so a fall-themed Instagram reel should be colorful and personable straight from the beginning. Stories with quizzes and polls are another very popular option on both platforms, with the fall season offering opportunities from sports on up to just how romantic this pre-holiday environment is. Short narratives with photos and videos are the most viewed, with users always appreciating content with kids dressed up for the season and having a spooky blast.

All Hail Black Friday’s Heavy-Hitting Draw: 

Black Friday is one event that will never simmer down: lines are snaking around entire blocks, digital discounts to infinity, and some of the best deals of the entire year on hi-tech offerings such as TVs and video games. Every type of business has had staffing shortages over the past few years, and this is one day where you don’t want to end up unexpectedly short-handed. Whether in cyberspace or in person, this is one day where a full-fledged inclusive guide of all your products will allow the consumer to map out which resonates with them and their budget most. 

Leaf Your Mark: Fall’s Potential for Positive Traction

Autumn has always evoked an atmosphere that is very cozy and can easily be leveraged to promote valuable and exclusive deals. Video content with choice recipes for the season, opportunities for engagement regarding favorite sporting teams, and embracing the season where things prepare for hibernation are all winning strategies. Tapping into seasonal spirit allows you to form very strong connections, and use a very bustling time as a formidable backdrop.

Would you rather spend your fall season not fretting about your bottom line and outreach? Before you even get to the many activities you could be doing with your friends and family, your business or digital storefront is going to need constant maintenance. Our team here at FarFetched Studios can aid with this colorful and very memorable season: simply envision your best foot forward while we devise a plan of attack! Spooky ghouls, trepid turkeys, and competitive offensive linemen are all fair game: Contact us today to devise a resounding digital strategy for fall!

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