Game-Changing Ads – Farfetched Studios’ Playbook For The Ultimate Commercial

Last year, 113+ million viewers tuned in to watch Kansas City take on Philadelphia in the big game. Around 43% of these viewers reportedly tuned in just to watch the commercials, which have become highly anticipated over time. Audiences are always eager to compare their favorites with each other for weeks after the event.

While many companies foot the bill just to “fumble the ball”, many of these iconic ads have stood the test of time. Diving in deep to examine how various tactics have been successful can offer some insightful clues on how to devise the ultimate spots during this lucrative opportunity. Even though these time spots are costly, there are many rewards to reap with this form of positioning. 

End Zone Echoes: Why Emotional Ads Leave a Lasting Impression on Audiences

One of the commercials that proved to be most impactful of all time brilliantly tugged at the audience’s heartstrings. It was titled “Puppy Love” and depicted a strong bond between a Clydesdale horse and a lovable golden retriever. With patriotic music in the background and themes that instilled a very all-American sentiment, a Belgian Brewing Company was able to secure viewers’ sought-after affection by using man’s best friend, while hardly featuring their product at all.

This ad ended up being ranked as the most popular ever to grace the airwaves in the NFL’s 50-year history! It proved that wholesome content appeals to all demographics, and well-crafted authenticity speaks volumes when it comes to the bottom line. As digital entities worldwide noticed how successful this endeavor was, another issue was that they would perhaps have to overcome quite a few challenges of being in production with unpredictable animals.

From Chuckles to Cheers: The National Anthem of American Humor

It may be a rather silly downpour of lemons forecasted by Budweiser brewing, icons from cartoon hits such as The Simpsons, or the smooth-talking nuances of the Old Spice guy: Audiences are on the hunt for anything that offers a ton of humor. Some brands have endured the cycle of a one-hit wonder, but establishing recurring characters in their ads is an excellent tool for building brand awareness. Progressive’s quirky Flo character, Geico’s caveman, and many others have allowed brands to remain in prospect’s short-term and long-term consciousness by tickling the funny bone.

Sprint to Solidarity: How Shared Goals Thrive in the Fast Lane of Ad Space

Even though some strategists in marketing departments may not expect audiences to behave this way, viewers of the big game are now concerned with social issues. Brands were once predominantly driven by extreme focus, whether it was value proposition or superiority. When a campaign can successfully align with meaningful causes such as preventing violence and helping those with depression, they can increase valuable loyalty. Much as it did during Dove’s “Real Strength” commercial 8 years ago, questioning laurels such as stereotypical gender roles have paid off when well-executed.

Pass the Palette: Allowing Consumers to Take the Lead:

Ending with a call to action is effective in any means of advertising, as social media popularity has proved how much consumers love sharing their memories. User-generated content may first come to mind when thinking about clothing brands but spans further than just trendy apparel. From financial planning to healthcare products, users are going to be more likely to recommend and be excited about a brand that is popular among everyday people. Hotels can benefit from memories and testimonials, as photos and memories can be as influential as scale models and FAQ pamphlets. 

Fan-Forward Touch: Exploring the Impact of Celebrities Who Truly Resonate:

When audiences see someone who has been a front-running star in movies and television with any kind of product, the appeal factor edges higher instantly. Even if a method of resonating with the customer has not been fully planned out, there’s no substitute or quick fix for the undeniable pull of star power. Companies do need to be very careful when seeking out these popular celebrities, as it’s important to choose one that is well-aligned with the target audience. 

Commercials during the big game have always been pricey, up against stiff competition, and have the very crucial need to be precisely calculated. True business leaders can turn their brand into an entity that consumers are consistently seeking. We wholeheartedly admit here at Farfetched Studios that we will proudly root for Kansas City, but this annual contest also allows us to think ahead while considering strategy for all types of brands. Contact us today if your brand is looking for heightened presence and upward mobility: the world’s most-watched contest is an excellent time to look inward and reflect on “eyeballing the end zone” for success!