Getting Customers to Return to the Virtual Shopping Cart: Social Media Retargeting

Social media platforms have long had the potential to show completely new customers your service or product, and can even bring focus back to something that might have been forgotten. The real success begins when you target the right audience for your product or service at the right time. Here’s a close-up from the Farfetched Studios team at the practice of social media retargeting and the essential nuts and bolts of how it works.

The Fundamentals of Social Media Retargeting 

When a potential customer is on lunch break and scrolling casually through Facebook, they might suddenly see an ad for an item they had already looked for or had contact with in the recent past. This ad is not purely subliminal, as it reminds them of their interest in the item and even directs them back to the place where they had first laid eyes on it. Large and successful portals such as eBay have had a fair number of positive results from this tactic, which is growing by leaps and bounds every day.

Many surprised users thought that it was a coincidence, as they were now looking directly at something that they did not finalize cart checkout with, or decided not to “finalize the deal on their own terms” on that particular day. As the seasoned experts in digital marketing know, this was not by chance at all and was the successful result of retargeting, which has become mandatory for success over the last few years. The first step in retargeting is checking on the customer’s web searches, online subscriptions, and other behavior while they browse.

After taking a close look at this data, you can target a consumer with an advertisement promoting something that the customer has been interested in before, immediately making the purchase more likely. Targeted ads can reach the consumer in many different forms, but the reason why most take place on social media platforms is that the average user has been shown to spend just around 2 1/2 hours per day on social media, creating an abundance of opportunities to influence them.

Different Mediums to Accomplish Retargeting:

After you define your needs here to us at Farfetched studios, we sit down and look for the plan that best suits you and your type of product or service. Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn offer several different very effective tools to create retargeting strategies, and Instagram has become wildly popular as of late much like the short and attention-grabbing videos on TikTok. 

Here are a few of the best options:

  • AdRoll: This very useful marketing software utilizes more than a decade of browsing habits and deep analysis to come up with retargeting ads that are doled out on the platform the consumer spends the most time on.
  • ReTargerter: this is an advertising platform that is integrated with a full-service control center that assists you with creating a retargeting campaign, and really going deep into consumer psychology to give your target an experience that is tailored to where they enjoy spending the most time.
  • SharpSpring Ads: this retargeting platform allows you to find the user through their personal newsfeed, websites they are currently visiting, and social media. Sharpspring is great at analytics and reporting and gives you valuable data on clickthrough rates, revenue, and many more very worthy attributes. You can never have too much insight and statistics that tell you exactly what you can do to improve your game, and we applaud this platform for its understanding of raw analytics’ valuable importance.

What Does the Future Hold for Social Media Retargeting? 

This is a market that is changing rapidly, and it is very important to note that Apple has now introduced a way for users to opt-out of ad tracking after privacy concerns have arisen in regards to what some people feel is intrusive. Because of this, we are working on new ways to successfully reach some Apple users. The ever-changing nature of social media retargeting (and social media platforms in general) means that we frequently need to adapt our strategy to ensure success.

If you are thinking about launching the business you have always dreamt of, have been in business for a while but aren’t quite seeing the results you desire, or are just looking into branching out with other savvy types of internet advertising, we want to talk with you! Our track record speaks volumes concerning social media marketing, PPC strategy, SEO and more here at Farfetched Studios. We tackle everything with enthusiasm and a massive dose of digital expertise!

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