Google Ads Announces Account-Level Negative Keywords 

Paying attention to the nuances and changes of the world’s most prominent search engine is one of the tasks we give high priority to here at Farfetched Studios, as ranking post-query is everything in today’s world. The Search Engine Journal announced on their blog this week that Google Ads will now officially make account-level negative keywords available to advertisers worldwide. This feature was first announced last year, and has been in testing mode for several months. 

This is an excellent way to allow advertisers to add keywords that will ultimately provide a “digital roadblock” of sorts excluding traffic from shopping and search campaigns. It’s one of the most useful tools currently within Google to avoid appearance in contexts that could be damaging to a reputatio

Appearance is Everything 

Managing negative keywords at the account level will provide a means of saving time, and cutting down on the chance of tedious human error. This recent development allows for marketers to breathe easy regarding duplicating negative keywords or missing out on any vital information that assists in ultimately building your brand. Google Ads offers a range of existing brand suitability controls that include inventory types, placement exclusions, effective digital content labeling, and negative keywords at the campaign level. 

A Solid Framework and Target for ROI: 

Successful targeting can be one of the most successful tools for ROI and avoiding mistakes regarding catering to customers that are not looking for the same product. Display and video ads are one of the most frequently-used categories, and this is where a maximum of 5,000 negative keywords is considered. For search campaigns, you can use broad match, phrase match, or exact match negative keywords. For display campaigns, a set of negative keywords will be excluded from an exact topic. 

For negative phrase match keywords, your ad won’t show if the exact keyword terms are in the search in the same order. If a negative phrase match keyword is “running shoes”, you still may see included results such as “blue tennis shoes”, “running shoe”, and “shoes running”. You can use three symbols, accent marks, and asterisks in your negative keywords, and negative keywords with accent marks officially account for two different negative keywords.

“Everything in its Right Place and Time”: 

One of the most important rules of thumb regarding this process is that it can allow for saving on ad spend, by avoiding showing ads to people who are not committed and genuinely interested. The most common reason for a negative keyword to conflict with a normal keyword is that the negative keyword was created with a match type bearing a much broader intention than needed. The goal with negative-level keyword placement is to achieve higher click-through and conversion rates, which are a benchmark of assurance for positive revenue and customer retention.  

This addition to the Google platform makes managing negative keyword lists much easier, as it is now in one easy central location. The path to success with a flourishing URL or eCommerce platform begins with a sharp look and accessible user experience, but important tweaks such as negative keywords allow for a well through-through advantage. Our team at FarFetched Studios is eager to see your entire marketing plan through from start to finish, while consistently making sure that no strategy to remain relevant goes unnoticed!

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