Google Will Launch New Video Series to Help Businesses Succeed in Digital Marketing

In today’s climate, there are many different choices to make when deciding what product or service to offer. Everything from pet grooming to sportswear franchises have seen massive success, but you will be facing competition from the beginning and have to have a digital strategy to gain the edge and market success.


Google is the most used search engine on the globe and are now offering various ways to help businesses succeed in the digital marketing landscape. They just announced that they will now be launching a new video series designed to help marketers get a better understanding of available opportunities and elements that are trending.


The series will also provide updates on Google ad products and tools that help with maximizing reach and response. These are some of the most important traits to be studying in order to be successful today, raw data is going to be integral in the adaption process to the new normal. Since Covid-19 issues have proven to be such a large disruption, “The Update” video series will seek to help marketers make better use of available digital advertising tools.


Analytics, search, and Google Ads are the prime focus, as the series’ first episode will see its official debut next week. Google’s many marketing options are complex, but the staff here at FarFetched Studios will be the first to tell you that learning how to properly navigate them is well worth it. For the consumer who is looking for your product, we cannot stress enough the importance of being in that first valuable batch of search results.


This piece from Entrepreneur has great insight regarding the importance of said ad words. According to the Google Economic Impact Report, businesses make an average of $2 in revenue for every $1 they spend on AdWords. When you incorporate this strategy, your potential customer Is literally typing what they are on the hunt for into Google and your advertisement will populate based on the keywords you select.


You get charged when someone clicks on YOUR ads, and if you do a good job managing your search terms report you can drive unbelievably high-quality and purchase-ready traffic to your site. You can get started on AdWords for as little as $300, for television ads in the ’80s and ’90s, a much more substantial budget than that was needed to barely get off the ground.


With all of this in mind, it is very crucial to have a landing page that exposes the user to the content they expect and is related to what is seen in any advertising copy. Finding the correct agency to help you requires a staff that is diligent, well-versed in what people are NOT wanting to see online, and knowing what peak hours can affect your business when dealing with AdWords.


Google Certified Experts are known for doing a fantastic job of managing campaigns, and seeing to it that you are getting quality results when it matters most. Proper bidding techniques, broad match and exact match optimization, adding negative keywords, conversion tracking, and quality advertising copy are best handled by seasoned individuals who have driven success for years and know what’s trending from week to very valuable week!