Google’s Newest Enhancements Boost Mobile Automotive Ad Strength

Mobile ads now offer more photos and more easily connect car buyer with dealership ad

More than half of potential car buyers now use a mobile device as opposed to desktop in the United States, and Google’s newest offering can allow dealerships to put their ad in the hands of those mobile searchers.

According to DrivingSales, Google’s newest search ad format links to a “carousel” of car images that users can swipe through on the phone or tablet. By tapping on one of the images, users can bring up a page with additional information about the vehicle.

Perhaps more importantly, a “dealers” link for the search vehicle will be available, and those who tap it will see ads for nearby dealerships. Those dealers utilizing AdWords will now have more opportunities for those ads and to place them in the hands — literally — of those searching for a specific car, truck or SUV.

Potential automotive customers spend about 15 hours — sometimes more — online when researching a car, and the sooner a consumer sees the information he or she wants, the better. Putting the carousel of images and links to dealerships together will save time and effort on the part of both AdWords and the customers.

With Google’s upcoming ability to track micro-moments and conversions from device to device, bringing a potential customer into a dealership the day of or after the search will now be a more distinct possibility.

Mortgage, hotels also primed for help from new ad carousel

With geo-targeting becoming a more and more valuable tool in the advertising realm, more customers want the information they seek sooner and also no matter where they are. When people search for hotels with their given location, pictures of hotels and rooms with prices will be available; booking is even an option as well.

Mortgages will soon be added to Google Compare in the U.S. This will allow consumers to view the latest mortgage rates from multiple providers. After that, the potential consumer can apply directly or speak to an adviser for additional information, all directly from the Google search ad.

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