Google’s Valuable Addition to the Search Terms Report

When many users first used search engines, they excitedly typed in what they wanted to find, and discovered online gaming platforms, groups with like-minded individuals, and thoughtful gifts for their loved ones! The whole time, savvy advertisers were figuring out what people were trying to find to assist with their marketing and research efforts. 

Three weeks ago, Google announced that some new data would be added to these search reports.

So, What’s the Scoop on Elements of the Search Report?

The most recent improvements involve search terms that pulled in impressions, but did not result in clicks. Before this, you were only able to see popular queries that generated clicks. This new feature will apply to data retroactive to February 1 of this year. 

The Google Ads search terms report used to display all the ad queries, but in September of 2020, Google enacted stricter privacy measures that blocked some of the lower-volume queries. Google has now promised to expand the search terms report to include high-volume search queries that don’t generate clicks but still gather impressions. As things stand now, this will not be possible after next February.

Do the PPC Gurus Think this is Good News? 

Generally speaking, yes, because most major advertisers will continue to have access to these valuable queries. In the months to come, Google will also be rolling out new resources that can shed light on the various themes that are driving performance, thereby helping us choose keywords and strategies to improve your ranking and standing in related features such as Google My Business. 

Finding “Pure Gold” Within Dated Data: Since one of the losses in concern here involves activity before September of 2020, you may want to take a close inventory of keywords or teasers and taglines that could be valuable down the road. When it comes to products, you can always ask a question that gets results and stokes the customers’ imagination, but for services such as professional trainers and coaches, taking a very close look at data such as this is vital. Since these are two business types that are growing by leaps and bounds, it is good to know the specifics that users are looking for when they search, for example: “working on triceps” or “round trip tickets to Maui”.

Can-Do Approach Via Current Searches: One of the most important ramifications of this recent announcement is the fact that current search terms are now much more visible. When you observe searches with impressions but no clicks, it is possible to zoom in closely and think about the benefit of Call, Sitelink, Structured Snippet, Image, or App extensions that tout the massive value of a wider appeal and capturing attention from demographics whose span is becoming shorter by the day!

Integrating Tools Gained From the Insights Page: At the tail end of the initial announcement, Google dropped multiple hints that the insights page was going to bring more valuable resources to improve its digital marketing strategy. There will now be a few similarities to the recommendation section, where you can obtain valuable information on what is currently trending within your demographic and their needs. 

The search terms provide insight into how customers find you, which is where we come in to make your campaign succeed! The digital game is not just about generating interest in your product. Being at the top of the list as the first found and cultivating true organic connections are other vital components of our effective and constantly evolving strategy.