Heeding Ever-Changing Viewing Habits: Multiple YouTube Formats for Campaign Success

Even though we have all opted to “skip the ad” a time or two when it comes to YouTube videos, the truth is that this viewing medium has the power for massive personal relevance and connection. It leads to stellar brand loyalty and conversion, and the current array of short and long-term content out there is great at breathing life into numerous campaigns. As any digital marketer thinks about handheld, laptop, and screen device compatibility, it has now become more important than ever to look at where your destination for your content will be and how to optimize your format.

The following are a few examples that caught our eye above the rest recently as they adapted with a polished essence to constantly changing format needs!

Nissan Bumps the Tunes for Automotive Awareness:

With an all-new electric vehicle in the making, Nissan was looking for ways to alert consumers, and generate exciting momentum for its release. The soundtrack to any endeavor can make a huge difference in its success, and the Nissan marketing crew realized that YouTube offers numerous ways to get the message out to diverse audiences. Tapping into to a form of creation that was a bit longer-form and a bit risky, they released a 4-hour Lo-fi video that included elements that drew in fans of everything from sci-fi movies to the dazzling craft of Japanese animation.

During its first month, the video claimed over 7 million views and many positive comments. The average browser stayed on it for 15 minutes, proving that content designed for short attention spans isn’t the only way to be appealing. Abandoning the “quick pitch” format and offering what was a bit like a streaming audio channel combined with “loop” elements, it evoked the appealing sense of how an expertly engineered vehicle can allow you to fill a chill sensation. This taps into the consumer’s need for making the car feel as if it were truly a space of their own.

Short-Form Vertical + Made-For-Mobile Accessibility

International fitness brand Les Mills was faced with the task of assuring an uptick in signups for their useful at-home fitness app. To reach their goal, they set out to make the intimidating concept of exercise more accessible to the everyday user. This was where the very popular made-for-mobile video format was very instrumental. YouTube Shorts views averaged over 50 billion daily during January of 2023, so it seemed like a fitting venue to plant the final copy in.

The campaign greatly exceeded expectations by generating a 52% increase in click-through rate, and a 16% drop in the cost per impression. As the stats were closely watched to assure that strategy was fine-honed, 24% of impressions were generated from views on mobile phones, solidifying intentions to build with mobile viewers as a priority. One very important tactic was used during this process. Ensuring that no matter what device the video was viewed on, the most suitable aspect ratio would appear.

Banking on New Methods for Bubbly:

The exquisite wine brand Moet & Chandon has long been known for champagne to celebrate the very best of special times with. As many brands do, they recently wanted to widen their core audience and spread the word about its amazing properties. Since how-to videos are so popular on YouTube, they set out to create a piece that showed users how to master the art of the “perfect serve.” There were long-form videos ultimately up for grabs, but the shorter teasers may have quite possibly been the pivotal and overriding draw.

The choice was made to execute two separate campaigns with one for those streaming YouTube on their CTVs and another that was fit for all devices. Both campaigns generally used the same creative traits, but the CCTV campaign aided in pairing the engaging tutorials with a screen that easily drew users in. The ad drove more than double the ad recall, existing as very solid proof that brands can use CTV to provide a huge boost for their media strategies and build relationships with very motivated audiences.

All 3 of these campaigns were very telling regarding YouTube’s draw: they illustrated just how brands can effectively tell their stories and engage the most attentive audience on the globe during increasingly tough times. Contact us here at FarFetched Studios if your visionary plans “aren’t quite going as planned”, or if you are a bit troubled by the daunting elements of today’s marketplace. Moving frames have always held the most promise for the future, and just a little finesse will warmly appeal to prospects and consistently be viewable on the go!


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