Proactively “Sleighing It”: Holiday Marketing Tactics to Make 2024 Unforgettable

Holidays continue to be an important opportunity to gain followers and make sales. Consumers have historically tried to save all year long to at least treat that special someone in their life to something nice. With a proactive approach and a bit of extra effort, these marketing strategies will allow you to make a memorable and profitable time out of the year’s most magical and impulse-friendly time. 

Season’s Greetings and Seamless Service: Creating Magic for Your Customers

Even though the holidays can bring about a sense of joy, they are also notorious for bringing on stressful situations! Here’s where you can lurch ahead of the curve, by providing useful insights to better their experience. One great way to do this is by offering holiday recipes with a twist, that would provide a strong motivation to purchase more food or ingredients if that is your business type. The hard part is achieving this without making it seem like you are pushing your products onto readers, and that you are simply acting as a confidant offering a solution.

Shop, Smile, Repeat: Showing Gratitude to Your Festive Shoppers

During the holiday season, consumers can spend a good deal of time debating just how they are going to spend their money. It can be quite a rude awakening when loyal customers suddenly decide to spend their money elsewhere during this pivotal season. Staying at the top of their mind and on the tips of their tongues is crucial, and focusing on gratitude is an excellent tactic. Reminding customers that you are thankful they chose you goes so very far, with acts such as a physical card creating a deeper sense of appreciation.

Snowball Effect: Building Momentum with an Early Holiday Marketing Push

We have noticed that there are far too many businesses that are unfortunately procrastinating when it comes to developing their blueprint for the holidays. It is best to be thinking about this and putting plans into motion before December rolls around and taking it upon yourself to come up with a plan during the dog days of summer, such as September or August. Even though many consumers are prone to doing things last minute, some of them are organizing their gift lists earlier, and have their eyes open for early bird specials. 

Holiday Cheers on the House: Free Rewards & Festive Marketing

While a customer without much time on their hands is fighting the throngs in the stores or online, they still love the idea of getting a little something for themselves! Providing a free product or purchase gift is a very useful strategy to generate excellent traction in 2024. It not only motivates shoppers to have desire for your product, but it can also open the door to them spending even more with your company or service. Since the holidays are a time of giving, steering attention towards savings and free promotions will result in the best, even if it’s just positive word of mouth. 

Effective Webrooming for Seasonal Splendor

Decisions, decisions, decisions: this is a natural trait of these busy holidays! “Webrooming” allows you to explore a product in detail at every angle and can provide an experience as educational and intense as one from an in-person showroom experience online. Building a webroom can prove to be a very intense job, but it’s worth it! Webrooming is essentially the pendulum swinging back in the direction of consumer power, as they gather information online, read reviews, compare choices, and then finalize their evaluation. 65 percent of consumers favor online channels when looking for reviews and recommendations, with a mere 17 percent using the actual store to glean opinions about products and services. Webrooming is particularly effective for outdoor gear, electronics, and furniture. Millennials are one consumer group who don’t want to feel as if they are forced into buying, and a webroom provides a virtual space to check out fine details. 

Trending Under the Tree: Festive Digital Trends

There are all types of ad campaigns we can assist you with here at FarFetched Studios! PPC advertising can allow you to win over consumers with a distinct holiday touch. Shopping tips, trending recipes, and holiday outfits have always sparked a great deal of interest on Pinterest and have shed light on how accessories are such an integral part of festivity. Two years ago, AirBnB co-hosted a unique holiday experience where users could book an overnight stay in the house used during filming. The comments section lit up with activity immediately, as users were truly excited to “unwrap a gift” in the form of a real-life stay experience.

Heartfelt Holidays: The Power of Emotion in Every Purchase 

One of the holidays’ most memorable characteristics is the emotional pull that they possess. Nostalgia is everywhere during this time of year, and stoking positive memories from the past can quickly snap shoppers into the frame of mind that dictates a purchase. During campaign planning, it’s crucial to pay extra attention to your content’s emotional appeal. Showing consumers what it’s like to experience the holidays from your company’s point of view and sharing a special memory or song can immediately tug on these very valuable strings. 

The Reason for the Resonance of the Season:

Emotion-driven campaigns can be very effective at tapping into the ever-present holiday spirit! Our strategic approach is based on behavior that connects with your audience on a deeper level. Our expert retargeting strategies ensure that your brand stays top of mind through the very important holiday season. Don’t miss out on an opportunity to make this holiday season unforgettable for your brand: contact us here at FarFetched Studios and let’s create memorable and transformative magic! 

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