How Behavioral Science Can Help Social Media Influencers

Any successful social media influencer will tell you that your followers are important. They will also tell you that the number of followers who view and engage in your posts is equally important. But have you ever stopped to wonder, “Why do people like my posts?” This is where psychology and behavioral science come into play.

At Farfetched Studios, we specialize in helping you utilize these tools. Our agency has been working with both local St. Louis businesses and companies in other states for years to help increase the engagement of their marketing. Here is what we’ve found.

Remember that human connection is important to the individual viewing your post.

Everyone is different. They have different views. They have different philosophical ideas. They have different personalities. Remember that how you approach each subject is key to whether your followers engage in your post in a warming manner. If you want people to trust what you are presenting, it’s all about how you present it.

Body language is essential to create a more trustworthy human connection

Whether you’re posting videos or pictures, body language is important. Body language helps build trust. Smiling is an obvious way to make someone feel comfortable, but don’t forget that good posture will help you look more confident and gives you a pleasant appearance. 

Build your community

Establish the community you are aiming for, and build a niche for them to feel comfortable engaging within your community. People are more likely to comment and share their own experiences with a community they share similar interests with. Trust and genuinely go a long way.

How well do you know your buyer?

This may sound like a simple question, but you would be surprised at how many businesses actually have no clue who their buyers are. You may currently be targeting the completely wrong audience. Let us help you define your target market so we can create tailored campaigns incorporating the tips above to captivate your ideal customer.

How can Farfetched Studios build your brand?

Our agency utilizes the latest in AI marketing technologies. We make sure you will have a comprehensive understanding of who your target audience is and exactly how to reach them. How do we do this? Well, we won’t give you all our secrets. But, we can give you an accurate insight into users’ interests, demographics, behavior, and more by using targeted audience data. Once you take data, then also study the why behind your customer’s actions, you can scale to new heights. Our team takes a psychological approach when analyzing data to truly understand what is driving it.

Are you ready to supercharge your marketing campaign? Farfetched Studios is here to help. Give us a call for a consultation. We’re here for all of your marketing needs.