How Programmatic Buying Differs with Farfetched Studios

Farfetched Studios explains what sets us apart from other marketing and ad agencies

FFS_STAND OUT_IMG_6.16.15Any business could choose just about any marketing agency and get the bare basics: some generic SEO copy, corporate display ad and some occasional programmatic buying. However, if your business is important to you, you deserve more than just the basics and shouldn’t have to pay premium rates for them.

Farfetched Studios, a St. Louis-based marketing agency, is dedicated to improving and excelling your advertising strategy. We don’t just have a first-of-the-month template and let it go; we will make needed adjustments throughout the month and year.

Farfetched Studios tracks more than our competition. Our experience with AdWords, AdFuel Dual-layered Targeting, analytics, Yext, social media, blogging, script writing and more mean your company gets more than a one-dimension PPC campaign.

How our process works

FFS_ADFUELTARGETING_IMG_6.16.15We obviously don’t want to give away all our skills and secrets, but Farfetched Studios can tell what separates the wheat from the chaff. Our use of both client-supplied first and our third-party data from the Internet means your ads are targeted and not just floating in cyberspace, hoping to be seen by your potential customers.

Each campaign for each client is different. Farfetched Studios takes post-click and post-impression data to make intelligent decisions and changes within each campaign as needed or requested. We actually pay attention and are pro-active whereas other firms may just take a backseat with your advertising campaigns — don’t you think your ad strategy deserves an experienced driver?

We also weed through the bad display placements. We offer brand safety control to keep your ads from finding their way onto less reputable sites. In addition, Farfetched Studios uses our sources to find top sites in your region to correlate to your campaigns. We’ll take the time to eliminate waste and the possibility of ad fraud.

How Farfetched Studios works for your business

Your business can’t just hope customers directly go to your site or come in off the street all the time. Each customer’s journey starts with an ad, but after that, each case differs. The customer then takes an action that will determine how to meet your conversion goals. These processes are based on steps we develop to encourage maximum conversion rates.

FFS_PREMIUMSERVICES_IMG_6.16.15The precious data given by customers should be used correctly and efficiently. We utilize the offline data with third-party online data in conjunction with first-party data to effectively target past, present and future customers.

Other services that some ad agencies could charge a premium for are included in our efforts. Conquesting from other brands, social media, individual custom ads — these could be extra charges by our competition, but not for Farfetched Studios. We also have access to premium channels if you’re strategy feels inclined to move that way.

Marketing is a dynamic process that should be handled by experts. Don’t let your advertising strategy fall prey to cookie-cutter search ads and bland display campaigns. Contact Farfetched Studios today to learn more and for a proposal on how to build upon and improve your marketing efforts.

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