How The BERT Algorithm in Google’s Search Impacts Your Brand’s Visibility

As it so happens within the digital realm, things change daily, and there are scores of new trends to stay current on as a provider of digital marketing services. Google has recently stated that it’s most recent search update, the addition of the BERT algorithm will lead to a deeper understanding of queries, ultimately driving more solid results.


BERT will impact 10% of searches, meaning there will likely be some impact on YOUR brand’s traffic and organic standing – it just may not be glaring keenly at you. Following is our in-depth look at the facts we know thus far about what Google is referring to as “one of the biggest leaps forward in the history of the Search function”.


When Did all of This Transpire?


BERT was officially rolled out as an existing component in Google’s search system the week of  October 21, 2019, for English-language queries. It is certain that the algorithm will expand to all languages in which Google offers the Search function, but as of this writing, there is not an official timeline. There will also be a BERT model used to improve featured snippets in more than 20 other nations.


What Is the Usefulness Factor Regarding BERT?


BERT stands for “Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers”, and is a neural network-based technique that helps Google get to the bottom of words in search queries faster. If you take at a close look at phrases such as “Jumping to conclusions” and “a quarter to four”, the word “to” has two very different meanings.


Even though this is very obvious to the human eye, search engines can sometimes manifest too literal of an approach. Exactly a year ago during November of 2018, Google open-sourced BERT, so anyone can put it to use to train their language processing system to explore a more depth-oriented process when running queries.


How can a Neural Network Benefit Me?


Neural networks of algorithms are designed to recognize specific patterns. Helping to place images, recognize handwriting, and even predicting what will occur in money markets are some real-world ways that they are put to use. They use organized sets of data to zoom in on patterns, further analyzing the way the searcher is thinking.


Natural Language Processing refers to a type of artificial intelligence that is concerned with linguistics, allowing computers to process the way humans possess a more natural means of communication. Some of the elements that have been made possible by NLP are useful items such as chatbots, social listening tools, and suggestions for words while composing.


How do the Circuit-Laden Stars Align to Send BERT to Work?


The existence of BERT is most important regarding its ability to train language models based on words found within a query. The traditional means of accomplishing this were based on the ordered sequence of words, as they are read left-to-right. BERT makes the breakthrough of allowing the language model to learn word context based on surrounding words instead of only the words found directly before and after one example.


This technology is known as “deeply bidirectional” because how words are represented have their origins in the very bottom of a layered network. BERT may affect results that appear in Google’s “featured snippets” post-application. There are a few similarities within BERT’s functions to RankBrain, another algorithm created to inform results.


RankBrain adjusted results by looking at the current query and scanning through to find similar past queries. Then, it zeroed in on the actual performance of the search results for said queries. BERT’s quality of great enhancement within the digital realm is that it both engages and explores natural language processing and its complex layers.


What Can my Company Do to Optimize My Content for BERT?


This is where the expertise of a company like ours can help. The most knowledgable individuals on staff at Google right now are claiming that “great content will remain unchanged”. Whether you need social media management, the best in content creation, consistent blog placement, or an extra few qualified and savvy marketers to rally in your corner for 2020, Farfetched Studios is the best St Louis digital marketing agency for your needs.


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