How to Make the Most of Instagram For Your Business: Using the Search and Explore Feature

No matter what type of business you are running online, the more positive and organic exposure you get, the better. Instagram now has a search and explore page that steers users towards new content, and it can be a massively-productive means of allowing those online the chance to find your eye-popping new additions. Here are a useful few tips about using these functions and how they can help you in the long run!

How Does it Work? There are five main search categories on Instagram:

  • Top: This includes top posts related to your search term, and draws followers immediately.
  • Accounts: This is a comprehensive list of the accounts that will match up with your query.
  • Tags: This allows the user to view the hashtags that are related to your search term that also coincide with the post volume.
  • Places: This refers to physical locations around the world that include your search term.

Instagram is experiencing explosive growth, while scrollers are seeking out the current content that fits their preferences. There were 1.074 billion Instagram users worldwide in 2021, and 71% of these users are under the age of 35. On the web version, you just see results from the “Top” tab unless you add the “@” or hashtag to effectively narrow down and filter your results. 

The “Explore” tab shows you content based on other influential individuals you have chosen to follow, and the posts you engage with most. One of the most important aspects of monetizing Instagram is to realize that the Explore page is where users are finding highly personalized information, and a great opportunity for them to learn about brands that they would later support and purchase.

Can my Brand be Showcased in Instagram’s Search and Explore Posts?

This is where those hashtags really begin to come into play. After you have chosen them, focusing on making sure they are within a certain niche will help you. On Instagram, you can add up to 30 hashtags in a single post, and we believe that having five to 10 relevant hashtags will aid your target market in finding you. Some of the guesswork has thankfully been taken out of the equation for you, as Instagram makes it easy to select relevant posts linked to certain hashtags. 

You can also add a location tag to your posts, which will drastically improve your search discoverability. All you must do is click on the emoji on the top right corner and select the location feature from the list of options. There are a few fictional ones here that can add a specific breed of personality to the post, and you simply drag in the created rectangular icon location tag somewhere on your post. It is best to describe what you are doing and a description relevant to your image. 

Tipping the Visual Scales with Top Quality: 

When users are on the hunt for what they want to view on this wildly popular social forum, you want to have your posts in the “Top” tab. This is where browsers can find the most popular posts that are experiencing the highest level of engagement, likes, comments, and shares. How do you attain a high ranking here? High-quality content is the means to truly capture users’ full attention. Visual quality is of the essence when it comes to Instagram, but the content itself actually needs to tell a story and resonate with your audience. 

The Benefits of Browsing the Search Feature Yourself: 

As you investigate other influencers and people you may want to partner up with, it can be beneficial for you to find those who are out there producing content that is helpful in its alignment with your brand. Visiting numerous profiles can help you create a sense of who brands really are, what they are interested in, and how they could potentially offer great connections with your brand. When you perform varied searches with the function at your disposal, you can also learn about the most accurate hashtags to post and see what habits are bringing others great results. 

The Rewards of Fine-Tuned Balance: 

Visual, brief, and to the point, there are still some A-list features within the forum that are an amazing and savvy means of reaching consumers. We keep up with your audience, helping with your brand identity, and consistently following the data. Looking at above-average content always stokes a follower to roll up their sleeves and support your brand faster than if they thought they were “pitched” a product. We are specialists at digitally growing your brand and winning followers over by sharing a relevant story!

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