“I Need That Intel on the Double!”: Refined Search Queries for Light-Speed Relevant Results

As we have taken to consistently finding the best tips and information to share with marketers on the blog here at Farfetched Studios, we have always been keen on hacks to put the world’s largest search engine to the best use possible. The Search Engine Journal had a great post last week about a new feature on Google that will aid users in finding relevant content quickly. As the digital landscape is changing constantly every day, some younger users have become frustrated with Google and have turned to alternate sources such as TikTok to search AND entertain.

Sensible Search Refinements 101:

Google is now making it a bit easier to instantly convert short terms into more practical long-tail keywords. There is so much content out there today that it can prove difficult for you to get the desired return if you don’t offer enough details up front. A query such as “Movies in the Theatre” can return a much more outer-layer set of search results compared to a query like “Current Family-Oriented Movies Near Me.”

Immediately after your search, you can look directly under the results and click on “search refinement.” These will change as you continue to click, allowing you to browse through selections that may be more relevant. Google has spent countless hours analyzing how people search across the web, and everything is shown in the order that their systems conclude can provide the most help. The annual “Search On Conference” in September is where this keenly focused feature made its debut, and will roll out to mobile search results in English soon.

How Does All of This Affect my Blueprint for Success?

This change can potentially boost search volume for queries with deeper detail. If your page has successfully been targeting long-tail keywords, you could see a very favorable boost in traffic. Here are some successful ways to monitor the queries that are targeting long tail form, and make sense of this minor disruption that could ultimately prove to be a benefit.

  • SERP’s: This very effective tool will monitor results, while also “playing detective” for new competitors that are ready to pounce on your success.
  • Keyword Planner: This allows you to keep a close watch on your overall search volume, and see what changes are occurring each month. Keyword Planner’s forecasts are refreshed each day, and based on the last 7-10 days, and consider all changes in the market to create a very useful seasonal model.
  • Analytics & Search Console: This allows you to watch for changes in traffic and get snapshots of impressions for pages that are targeting more focused and long queries. This valuable tool provides crucial data such as time spent on the site, the reason for the visit, bounce rate, and overall customer acquisition.
  • On-Page Content: By incorporating this tactic, you can intently review pages that target long queries. This allows you to make sure your content is what viewers seeking relevant updates are seeking, and that you are in prime fashion to be found, shared, and purchased.

It is of important note that Google is rolling out the December 2022 Helpful Content Update, which improves the classifier and will reward web pages that offer an above-average user experience. This will properly spread and bring attention to evergreen content that is not created just for search engine status. With each algorithm update comes a brand-new chance to improve your site and see much-needed rankings improve. 2023 will certainly pose a few challenges that don’t quite fit the standard mold and require vast expertise across multiple channels. Our staff at FarFetched Studios are all experts on telling a story, curating the characters, and keeping positive momentum after a fitting call to action is executed!