IAB UK’s Experts Weigh in on The Future of Display Advertising

As 2020 gets off to a bustling start within the digital marketing and display advertising realms, many experts in the industry have been weighing in on the general state of things, what the future holds in store, and so much change regarding third-party cookies. As some opportunities for revenue are seeming to narrow and disappear, other exciting options such as DOOH and CTV are providing new means of pathways to success.


The staff on hand at Exchange Wire wanted to reach out to the true experts in display advertising and did so in an article last week where they spoke to prominent members of IAB UK’s Display and Data Steering Group to figure out what lies ahead. Truly “information central”, IAB UK is the place for news, views, guidance, and standards, and creators of the very in-depth AdTech Report with advice for anyone in the industry.


OTT stands for “over-the-top”, initially named in reference to the device that gives the user access to channels over the internet as opposed to the traditional means of cable. Ari Lewine is the chief strategy officer at Triple Lift, and she reflected that one of the biggest challenges facing the display market this year is the increase of investment into formats such as OTT and generating solid results without consistent access to third-party cookies.


James Brown, EMEA Managing Director of Rubicon, claimed that the future of the independent web is “dependent on our industry coalescing around a Unified ID”. Regarding challenges facing the industry in the coming year, he feels that the single identifier should also be an asset that comes from a community-based source, instead of operating on a corporation’s existing infrastructure and by their strict margins and guidelines.


Sara Vincent is the senior director of Strategic Partner Development for Index Exchange, and she is another industry pro who is really looking at the coming future as the post-cookie era. If the user truly feels that they are “put first” instead of being simply tracked, they will undoubtedly feel more comfortable about researching and purchasing products ranging from food, shoes, gadgets, and more.


Emma Newman, chief revenue officer at EMEA, went as far as to predict that “the death of the third-party cookie will completely disrupt the display market during the coming year.” Advertisers are always on the hunt for a better-than-average return on their investment, and Facebook along with Google remains to be hulking giants. During 2018, data overtook oil as the world’s most valuable resource, and the ability to obtain more data provides entities the ability to generate more revenue.


If you are now running 3rd party scripts on your site, you will likely see a bit of blip in statistics where Firefox is concerned. Big questions are now looming over the future of user privacy and AdTech, and companies are surprisingly choosing to be privacy-conscious instead of waiting for the inevitable shards of legislation to kick in and change things for good. There will soon be a world without cookies and navigating through this new world will surely take expertise as well as a finely-honed track record in advertising.


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