In Nine We Trust: Unveiling the Secret Skills to Attention-Span Friendly Email Impact

Email marketing has an impact that goes much further than simply getting messages into an inbox! Email marketing is all about reaching your audience (and prospective customers) directly. While personalizing to each individual reader can seem impossible, advancements in email marketing tools have allowed for the ability to use in-depth segmentation and A/B testing to get your audience personalized messages. Email open rates improved quite a bit in 2023 with the average being 38.18%. 

This is up four very valuable percentage points from last year, with many different possible reasons being the cause for this increase. Companies have now drastically improved their subject lines, as they understand the importance of getting people curious enough to click. Companies that shortened subject lines down to just nine words or less saw an average open rate of 43.99% in 2023. This is valuable information, since the Campaign Monitor also found that emails with personalized subject lines are 26% more likely to be opened.

The Science of Seconds: Mastering Timing for Ideal Email Impact

There are a few studies that claim there isn’t a definitive winner for the days with the highest email open rates. However, on average, Thursdays and Fridays have between 32 and 36% open rates. The click rate results provide a more accurate snapshot of an average of 2.27% midweek on Wednesdays. One bit of useful information from the 2023 Higher Logic Thrive Benchmark Report was regarding list size. Open rates were much higher on emails that originated from smaller lists, with the highest average rates on emails sent to less than 500 recipients.

Experian provided another very useful statistic about a “lightbulb moment” that every marketer craves: Customers who receive automated abandoned shopping cart emails are 2.4x more likely to complete a purchase. This is an incredibly important finding, as it signifies that it is most definitely ok to nudge someone when they divert from the buying process. 

From Slumber to Success: Wake Up Your Email List with These Tips

The Campaign Monitor published another relatable stat – times have been tough the past three years, and many demographics have become harder than ever to follow. Email marketing still drives an average of $44 for every $1 spent, which some find hard to believe. Clearly, loyalty and signups are not only derived from social posts or boosted posts.

The email subject line determines whether your email is read, or quickly sent to the virtual trash pile. This is considered by experts to be more important than the body of the email itself! It is so important to recognize that mobile phones usually show just 25 to 30 characters of any email subject line. The email subject line needs to provide very specific and useful information, with one that has stood the test of time being “Only one day left…”. 

When Avoiding the Beaten Path Proves Worth While:

Creating a sense of urgency is one of the best ways to get people to take action. Subject lines that use words like “urgent” “breaking” “important” or “alert” have much higher open rates on average. If you can effectively communicate a known start and end date for a special sale or promotion, viewers scrolling through their inbox can click to see how they will benefit. If your business involves webinar presentations, you have the option of making them ungated for a specific amount of time or giving viewers temporary full access to your valuable content. 

The Curious Copywriter’s Playbook: Techniques for Sparking Interest

Subject lines can work well if they send a distinct message, such as “you will benefit from opening this email.” In other instances, it’s good to maintain some mystery, especially if it stokes the recipient’s natural curiosity and interest level. Since it requires opening the email to obtain more information, this can result in a much higher open rate. Here it’s important to make sure that the subject line aligns with your brand’s values, and doesn’t come off as being too obscure.

In Sync with Success: a Look at Name Recognition Tactics

All of us have famous people who we have looked up to! When you have a detailed understanding about your audience’s preferences, you can appeal to their interest by including the names of those individuals in your content. Mentioning them in your email subject lines is a tactic that has great results, if keeping it aligned with your brand or service. Finding a way to keep things relevant instead of just throwing a name out minus strategy will yield better results. 

From Cold to Conversational: Transforming Your Sender Name Strategy

Since some receivers are dealing with a rising amount of spam, most hesitate to open an email that comes from anyone even remotely familiar. Even fewer people seem to enjoy conversations they deem robotic, and become very frustrated when they can’t reach a human being. This is an excellent reason to not use, which can make things incredibly less personable, and stops people from wanting to add your email to their contact list. The Hub spot team ran an experiment on this matter, and found that emails sent from “Ben Reynolds, HubSpot” performed much better in terms of opens and click-through rates than emails originating from just “HubSpot”.

Everyone loves the sound of their own name! Here at FarFetched Studios, we are focused on consistently delivering winning results. We have extended knowledge when it comes to email: so much attention has been given to over-stimulating visual appeal, that this text-based and dynamic method can be foregone in some campaigns. We know that some messages can get lost in the clutter, and the need to leave a lasting impression is pressing. Contact us today, and elevate your brand’s presence, open rates, and drive conversions for 2024!

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