Innovative Digital Exposure for Fall 2022: Using Twitter’s Teeming Traffic to Boost Google Search Rankings

The many ways to use social media for digital marketing have altogether exploded in the last decade. The platforms that were once just showing people what you’re eating and your status for the day have now become incredibly lucrative and viable for those who offer products and services. Facebook’s rabid popularity marked the beginning of an era that used every high-tech advantage possible to get the word out to people about business endeavors, and once the comments and recommendations started rolling in, many already popular brands developed an even larger following.

Twitter is “that other cool platform” that provides a bit faster-moving and attention-grabbing format, but the benefit of being able to use hashtags, video, and other valuable tidbits such as URLs that stoke interest in what you are offering. The location of the store, contact information, special promotions, and other information allow your customers to get a feel for exactly what is going on with your brand and how it fits into their everyday lifestyle. Here are some of the basics that all of us at Farfetched Studios recommend for getting the most exposure every single time you tweet.

Constantly be “In Development Phase” With Brand Identity:

When you do a Google search for your brand, the first page of search results appears in a “carousel format” on Twitter. This gives the individual searching a good opportunity to know your brand at their own pace, by browsing through some of the things you’ve been tweeting over the past few days. Here is where things become thankfully very flexible: you are given direct control over what appears in search results directly around your brand’s name.
On top of conveying a very vibrant and consistently active message for your customers, it’s a great way to build awareness and give your brand the very necessary human touch. One of the tasks during the uphill climb of finding and creating relevant content is making sure that it is interesting, shows what your team’s personality is like, and tells an accessible story. Engaging with clever questions, showing employees with lovable pets, and appealing to those who are poised to buy are all fair game here.

Tweaks for the Effectiveness and Appeal of The Carousel:

One of the best practices for Twitter engagement is to find out what is trending in the real world, which is what we are experts at assisting you with! If you have a new product or social event coming up, this is a great opportunity to let people know about it, as well as what some of your allies for brands like yours are now talking about. A great way to keep things relevant to the user is by imagining the types of everyday challenges they will encounter, such as a busy schedule or issues with finding a social life now that the world is open for business again.
Interacting with other accounts is one of the ways to show everyone that not only are you a team player, but you also have other organic contacts that are there to assist you. Trade publications, similar restaurants, those who have leadership thoughts and actions, and influencers are great to engage with and ask questions. When you appear as a guest of sorts on someone else’s page and tell them you love their recent broadcast or that you want to see them soon for a cup of coffee, you are engaging an entire new follower list and eventually showing them what you have to offer.

Encouraging team members to share content will actively involve their hobbies, other interests, and most importantly, those that populate their social calendar. Twitter can appear to move so quickly to an outsider that you must be very careful to not appear confusing, as attention spans worldwide are now shorter than ever before while being barraged on social media.

Embrace Consistency to Assemble a Following:

Putting material and constantly updated goodies out there for people to enjoy is essential for you to stay parked at the top of users’ memory, but it is important to make sure that your tweets display value and relevance. When a tweet is rapidly thrown together just to remain “on schedule”, users can tell.

This tactic is not always worse than just remaining silent, but in some instances can be! Sometimes, even the most famous personality or influencer tends to overdo things a bit. If you ever are in doubt, know it can be beneficial to tweet at around noon, and 7 pm only to optimize your outreach. Even though 2 AM is a time that instills much creativity, fresh tweets may bury yours when everyone prepping for their day at 8 or 9 AM begin to stir.

The Digital Limelight’s Many Layers of Promotion Potential:

Just getting on a functional posting schedule and sharing content that users enjoy is a fantastic start, as this will assure that your current followers are constantly reminded that you are (well, awesome of course!) and open for business. The link game got a bit nasty around 15 years ago, as you could simply buy backlinks that were attempting to be “organic mentions” of a site, or “do-follow” URLs for the reader to engage with.

Employing professionals, such as us, will assure that these mentions are not just thrown together and are on a host URL with a true sense of evergreen relevance to the topic. Staying ahead of the curve is not just as simple as finding the “cool stuff” that exists out there and tossing it out like frisbees.

Bringing About a Sense of Purpose and Personality Through Your Bio:

Much like the online maze and very complex landscape of online dating, your bio is the first thing that people see on Twitter. Your first impression does not need to be like that of a wildly successful CEO in a 3-piece suit and private jet, it simply needs to clearly define your purpose and a bit about your history. Sometimes extreme humor is a bit risky here, as “just the facts” tend to resonate well with those seeking out new brands to add to their shopping cart and favorite places.

We’re not going to always just put the same standard updates and blasts out there for our respected clients’ technique on various social media platforms: our skilled team at FarFetched Studios will have a specific game plan for assuring that each angle is covered to round up as many likes, comments, and positive consumer reviews as you can when it matters most!