Intelligent Email Marketing — More Personal Than You Might Think

New programs can allow for a more customized and optimal email experience for customers

Email blasts and email marketing are still essential parts of many digital campaigns. With the wealth of information that can be gained for a business or marketing agency, emails can become as personal as sitting face-to-face, one-on-one with that customer.

Years ago, when an email was sent, it was pretty much up to the customer to respond, come into the store or take advantage of the offer. Sometimes you would never hear from the customer or see how they responded.

FFS_EMAIL_BLOGIMG_AUG15With Farfetched Studios’ tools, we can find ways to illustrate the path of each of your customers’ journeys, whether it’s email, direct mail or mobile notifications. We can find real-time solutions and make appropriate decisions throughout the sale lifecycle.

Gone are the days of sending out tens of thousands of emails and waiting to see who is going to respond. Your brand relations strategy can be tooled for specific customers or groups of customers. For example, maybe you want to track customer loyalty. Ones that come in often or keep respond to offers on emails could be in line for loyalty rewards. With new tools and technology, you could see which loyal customers react to which rewards better and build campaigns from there.

Interactions with customers can become more customized than ever before. Your customers’ and potential customers’ actions will help determine what relevant content will be sent to them. Your business could even determine what communication is best for specific customers: phone calls, push notifications, emails or more.

With this email marketing strategy, you also improve your customer relationship management. By making the overall experience more personal, you build your brand awareness and relation. Your business goals and objectives are more easily monitored as well as you can relate your email marketing results to your campaigns.

Don’t let your email marketing campaigns be just another send-and-sit strategy. The time is now to rethink your email marketing strategies and contact Farfetched Studios today! Our experience with email marketing can improve your CRM. An email’s journey is essential to any successful marketing — let Farfetched Studios be your email’s guide!

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