Interactive Content and Conversational Marketing Generate a Positive Consumer Response in the Digital Realm

The last few years within the ever-changing digital climate have shown all of us at FarFetched Studios just how important reaction time is. Thinking about different solutions always poses a bit of a challenge. Now, it seems for some as no matter where their spend lies, they are trawling through “no man’s land” without answers. While the execution of some strategies we have been closely looking at may seem a bit challenging, we can assure you that there are plenty of customers ready to spend!

More savvy consumers are now enjoying the flexibility and effectiveness of delivery services such as Amazon. To navigate through a year posing challenges, social media is still the predominant means of taking the consumer and plugging them directly into various brands’ offerings. The creation of very immersive materials is where the followers are always excited, and it keeps them thinking about how THEIR thoughts and opinions align with your business’s.

Some of the Mind Benders that Boost Commerce:
The quizzes on Facebook and other social media platforms are some of the most popular content out there. As surprising as it is, 96 percent of consumers who start Buzzfeed contests finish them, which shows a huge level of dedication in a world constantly vying for attention. Word of mouth remains one of the most powerful assets for any marketer. As people revisit the sites they like, it can be difficult to distinguish what inspires people to be loyal and purchase.

During the middle of the sales funnel, consumers are now thoroughly considering their options. Interactive content can give many people an advantage by keeping visitors returning for more and by helping them make their final decision. Some benchmark assessments can use interactive tools such as interactive maps, guides, infographics, and the form of 360 video. This is the stage in which you can really spark your consumers’ interest.

The Extent to Which Humans Love to Interact:

Augmented reality materials and interactive calculators have been utilized a lot more since the pandemic changed the way we interact daily. Leaderboards on hubEngage is a viable example of virtually engaging employees, and it offers rewards for shrewd ingenuity. Getting a positive ranking on Google is now more difficult than ever, and consumers have turned a blind eye to content that is ordinary. Interactive content is an effective asset at every stage of the sales funnel.

The Universal Appeal of Organically Starting a Conversation:
One of the trends we have been seeing massive growth in lately is Conversational Marketing: customer service chatbots and personalized emails are two of the concrete fundamentals here. Even if you are sleeping, inevitably, consumers will still expect a fast reply to their questions. This can be rectified with live chat, automated chatbots, widgets, directly through social channels, SMS messaging, and Google search results where qualified customers are searching for exactly what you offer! This is an effective way to show customers that you will allow them to communicate with you the way THEY want to, at their disposal.

We have been closely watching what happens when businesses fail to adopt new chat technologies; digitally mature businesses are now 62% more likely to see high sales growth and 52% more likely to enjoy an increase in their profits. Making yourself available to customers with immediate response frees up your employees to handle any problems they may be facing within the supply chain and provide answers as quickly as possible!

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