Interactive – Digital Marketing

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Often times your website is your number one lead driver for your business and for some businesses it is also the “closing salesperson”.
There is one big thing that drives people to your site absolutely free if it is setup correctly and properly maintained, Search Engine traffic! Google, Yahoo, Bing, and all the 3rd tier Search Engines require specific formats to optimize the effectiveness of your website and get you pulling up high in your most targeted search results.
How do we do this? There are many tactics from just creating strong and relevant content to developing micro-sites that help you stay ahead of the pack in a competitive online market. (more)

-SEM- Search Engine Marketing-Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Campaigns

We’ve all seen the ads in our search results but some of us don’t know how to get ads for their business there, or maybe you feel that it would be more effective to hire an expert to handle this? Well 9 times out of 10 your right. Pay-per-click campaigns need to be developed by an expert that has knowledge of how the bidding processes, keyword searches and analytics work. There is also a lot of weekly management; budget management, keyword and ad performance monitoring. (more)

Social Media Marketing

How big is your “Internet EGO”?
Internet Ego-utilizing the Internet to market your companies products and/or services in a distinguishable manner that is a little more far-fetched than all the competition thus separating you from the “selves”.
If you haven’t figured it out yet, then you’ll know rather quickly after reading this…….
-Social Media is here to stay, no it is not a fad that people are going to one day just forget about therefore you can’t.
-Social media is also an effective tool for marketing your companies products and services with an ad cost of $0.
-Social Media works for many different applications for small and large businesses. Everyone can find a Social Media tool that will help their business grow. (more)

E-mail Marketing

Nowadays everyone has an email and it costs as low as $.12/address to send out 5000 emails to people in your database, whether it be current or potential customer. Email marketing or blast emails also provide great tracking tools that let you know what your customers are interested in and what they dislike. Businesses will spend a ton of money on direct mail on a yearly basis, and direct mail isn’t necessarily bad but definitely has a lot of limitations (no way to track open rate or whether or not someone read the mail). Email Marketing also allows us to get our news out to the consumer and link them to our website which is an area of importance that is growing bigger and bigger by the second. (more)

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