Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – It’s 2014 and your website should be the #1 lead driver for your business and for some businesses it is also the “closing salesperson”. The easier your company is to find, the more appealing and the amount of relevant information there is on your website creates a higher rate of success.

There is one big thing that drives people to your site absolutely free if it is setup correctly and properly maintained, Search Engine traffic! Google, Yahoo, Bing, and all the 3rd tier Search Engines require specific formats to optimize the effectiveness of your website and get you pulling up high in your most targeted search results. Search engines scan and index everything across the web to deliver the most relevant results to their users which is why your website relevance is so important. Does it answer questions? Is there a lot of relative content focused on your business? And can people find you? (see social media and SEM for the complete package).

How do we do this? There are many tactics from just creating strong and relevant content to developing micro-sites that help you stay ahead of the pack in a competitive online market. Fill out the form below or give us a call at 314.884.8556. Let us worry about the Page Titles, Descriptions, Keyword Density, and Site Content Relevance.

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