“It’s a Wonderful and Well-Clicked Life!”: Small Business Email Marketing Tips for Winning Strategy During the Holidays

While anyone with a stake in digital marketing can agree that 2022 has been full of ups and downs, this holiday season is quite viable for small businesses nationwide. Once addicted to big box chains in corporate brands, 84% of today’s savvy consumers plan to point and click or provide festive foot traffic to small businesses this holiday season. Even though there are numerous ways to attract customers’ attention, email marketing is still a necessary and effective component of outreach and ultimate conversion strategy at hand.

Decking the Digital Halls With a Winning Inbox’s Edge:

When the holidays are mentioned to any digital marketer, Christmas, New Year’s, and Thanksgiving first come to mind. The truth now is that Small Business Saturday, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and numerous last-minute shoppers offer many opportunities as well. The UpCity experts offered up an excellent blog post last week about different strategies for email marketing that make sense to draw attention to special offers and discounts buyers are motivated to act on. 

Concocting a Spirited and Unique Campaign that Stands out:

One of the most important things to remember about the holidays is that customers are all being bombarded with offers. There is so much aggressive state, that resonating with a holistic touch is one way to have an edge over the others. Now is the time to meticulously keep track of what works and what doesn’t, which can provide you with very valuable data for the future. Holiday gift guides, personal touches, such as lists, and tailoring the right message to the customer have been winning techniques in every segment from cars to cosmetics with email marketing.

Welcoming Emails that Pull out all the Stops to Win:

After you have successfully segmented who your audience is, it is crucial to focus on how many of them are using mobile. Making sure that your customers can correctly read your email from their phone is one way to ensure you won’t miss any sales. Numbers show that a welcome email can bring in 320% more revenue than any other promotion, making it more critical than ever during the holiday season. One of the product categories that excelled was Athletic apparel, which did a great job of building specific journeys for each user, allowing them to feel as if they were seeing a personal message.

The Early Planner Procures the Prepared Digital Customer:

Implementing a successful holiday email campaign is quite a bit like having a well-rounded wish list itself. Since this is the busiest time of year, there will be many steps of research and tweaking to achieve your goal of loyal customers with their carts abundantly full. This is when our team of experts here at FarFetched Studios can spend valuable time with the lead capture tools, assuring that your segmentation and voice are well-honed, and triple checking the email database to assure that the leads are current and “ready for the Reindeer-rich cheer” of the season.

Authenticity has been the desired extra ingredient to make an email campaign shine, as businesses worldwide have seen so much impact and have undergone staffing and service issues. Perfecting the starting point is one of the means to the middle, which then results in an informed buy along with future referrals. We have held the holidays in high regard for years here for their warmth and camaraderie around the office, but have also had a bright beacon on a bountiful result: this should be the year that the experts elevate your confidence and candy-cane influenced game plan!

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