Learn More: Automotive Inventory Ads

Dynamic Inventory ads Optimized for In-Market Targeting based on a Vehicle.

Automotive Inventory ads utilize your current vehicle catalog, Facebook Pixel and your user engagement data across Facebook to show specific ads to in-market customers like recent shoppers on your website, app and marketplace visitors.

These new ads allow manufacturers and dealerships to upload the entirety of their vehicle catalog with coordinating details like year, make and model. Once loaded, the most relevant vehicles and compelling features are displayed to the correct audiences. Farfetched Studios has come to find through our implementations that businesses can choose to drive the traffic from the Automotive Inventory Ads to submission forms, a website or an on-Facebook vehicle detail page.

With a single integration and setup, you can display your most relevant vehicles to potential buyers – allowing you to keep your focus on your business and closing sales.


  • Easy One-Time Setup. Automotive inventory ads are automated, adaptable and efficient – you only need to setup your campaign once and all of your inventory will be placed in front of potential customers without having to setup each ad individually.
  • Deliver ads to people who are interested in seeing them. You can automatically serve ads with real-time availability based upon inventory and pricing of the vehicles the potential customer has shown intent to purchasing.
  • Reach across multiple devices. Automotive inventory ads appear on web and mobile, regardless of device the potential customer originally viewed your product(s).
  • Cut out slow mobile page loads. When used in conjunction with an on-Facebook destination, you can drive shoppers directly to a mobile optimized listing of the vehicle details with all the relevant information they will need to purchase.
  • They are always on. Each campaign is set to automatically reach the right customers with the correct inventory at the right time, based on the actions that the customer is taking. No more scheduling to catch prime on-screen times.

We here are Farfetched have begun using this Automotive Inventory Ad tool with many of our clients and have seen increased engagement across the board in both conversions and sales. Reach out to us for help setting up your new automatic adaptive inventory campaigns today, and shift your focus back on to what you do best, which is sell!

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