Lights, Camera, Convert: YouTube Marketing Tips for Increased ROI

YouTube has so many benefits for effective marketing in the current age: even during its infancy, it was obvious that its direction, capability, and adjustability were going to make it an amazing tool. We have scoured both YouTube itself and other far corners of the web to find some great pointers, as there are many unique ways to enjoy the benefits of a winning campaign and gain traction while building a following. Here are some of the ways to use this platform to retain “all eyes on you” and your offerings!

Building Community Through Audience Definition:

While you are preparing to create your next visual masterpiece, one of the best places to start is by having a thorough understanding of your audience. What they are interested in, how they behave, and what truly resonates with them will allow you to see what will increase their chances of engagement. One of the latest “Old Spice” campaigns shows just how powerful consumer intent is, as the brand had confidently concluded that women frequently purchase body wash for men, and that they have a great influence on the items that men can be swayed to purchase.

From Ideas to Impact: YouTube Content Planning

It can feel like there are so many bases to be covered immediately out of the gate when it comes to YouTube! It’s important to prioritize your brand’s awareness, consideration, offline and online sales, and tendency towards loyalty. Finding out what your audience watches and likes will help you greatly, as well as trying to pinpoint what opportunities your audience feels that they are missing on the platform. Dove’s “Real Beauty Sketches” campaign was centered around building confidence while engaging audiences.

This unique short asked various women to describe themselves to an expert-grade forensic artist. After a portrait was drawn of them based on their description, random strangers were then asked to describe the exact same women to the artists. The goal was to see how drastically the descriptions would differ. Incredibly smashing the highest of expectations, the film quickly surpassed a total of 503,000 engagements, as it did a fantastic job of hitting a personal nerve.

Deciding to Create an Immersive Experience:

Content on YouTube that provides value needs to be entertaining, but also educational and inspirational. Looking to the very diverse and beautiful nation of India has shown us many examples of brands that have done an excellent job of mastering the art of storytelling. The Samsung Video “We’ll take care of you, wherever you are” message was nothing short of phenomenal. It tells the story of an aspiring young engineer who must navigate some very treacherous roads to respond to an irate customer. With over 212 million views, it was an ideal story that was made into a masterpiece due to the vibrancy of the children in the cast.

The Impact of Scheduling Content on Retention:

Brands that want to be successful now must run their ship just like those in the entertainment industry do. Help content that answers questions to your most popular search queries there’s always going to be popular, and “Hero” content comes in the form of large and very promoted events that result in desired audience growth. Red Bull has really mastered the art of building their content around a series of thrilling and enticing worldwide events.

The energy drink brand has gotten amazing use out of the “Shorts” feature, uploading more than 617 videos in the last year. They have also fared well at engaging teams of amateurs, whether it comes to skateboarding or even flying handmade airplanes. Energy drinks tend to have a very overhyped and “loudest one in the room” type of persona, and Red Bull has strayed successfully from this mantra by slowly adding other snippets of content that are still adventurous, just a bit more appealing to the everyday individual.

Visibility Vibes Unlocked: Becoming a Search Engine Star

No matter how modern and pixel-rich visuals on the screen become with each passing year, relevant keywords in your titles and descriptions will always increase your overall visibility. Even products that aren’t necessarily considered by many as “salesy” can still benefit from a well-versed call to action, which boosts conversions. YouTube search is still trying to surface the most relevant results, as one of its prime ranking factors is governed by how well your title, description, and video content align with the viewer’s query.

SonoSite is a very successful brand that happens to be the leader in portable ultrasound technology. They had a very successful event over a decade ago that was based on a “Mini-MBA” digital marketing program. They had created a very in-depth “how-to” video about a complex epidural steroid injection scanning technique, and even though much of the terminology used in it was doled out at an expert level, medical professionals flocked to it in very high numbers. 

The Art of Meaningful YouTube Interaction:

When the ability to respond to comments and answer questions first came to light on YouTube, brands immediately realized that what was once defined as a split second now is even more relevant and crucial. “Sticky” is an innovative and charming business from the warm and sunny confines of Down Under, and this Australian family-owned sensation that makes candy creative videos for YouTube that have yielded more than 112 million engagements. 

Their success comes from giving an eye-opening account of the world of candy creation and allowing the viewer to watch a dedicated group make top-notch and delicious creations. They ingeniously declared: “Don’t forget to hit the bell when you subscribe to be notified when we post, and never miss a Sticky second!” It is not just professional sports and the world’s most successful pop stars that can gain viral attention: artists and creators can draw many people to their products just by being authentic in portraying what their process consists of. 

Unlimited Opportunities for Conversion and Innovation:

Here at Farfetched Studios, we’re always ready to turn innovative marketing ideas into reality. Compelling visuals and storytelling are valuable components in a plan that captivates potential customers and nurtures those who are already fully committed and on board. We are beyond thrilled to make your brand shine on YouTube: this medium has proven to be as engaging, appealing, and intriguing as it gets!

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