LinkedIn’s Data Add Another Layer To Targeted Marketing

Powerful data assist campaigns toward specific employees based on information they give


One of the more sophisticated social media, LinkedIn, announced its intent to sell ads across the Internet according to an Advertising Age article. LinkedIn’s new product, Lead Accelerator, allows marketers to select specific data from LinkedIn’s audience and “serve them ads across the web.”

While “off-platform movement” isn’t anything new — Twitter and Facebook have already started this trend with such tools as promoted tweets — it does provide marketing agencies with an opportunity to target specific employees or job titles across 90 percent of the Internet.

Lead Accelerator is an ad-based version of marketing automation which is commonly done with email, according to Advertising Age. However, 95 percent of site visitors don’t leave an email address; this limits what marketing automation can do.

“Lead Accelerator anonymizes prospects that visit a marketer’s website and sends them down a path with specific messaging geared to the part of stage of the sales cycle they are in, a potential solution for that problem,” Alex Kantrowitz writes.

We at Farfetched Studios see LinkedIn’s latest strategy as a way to advance and improve our target marketing campaigns. The data users provide on LinkedIn — job title, what company they work for, goals — will allow us to target ads to prospects with different messaging based on that information. With this mindset, we can target anyone in the St. Louis area from executives to foremen to post-graduates and campaign toward them with advertisements they may want to see. LinkedIn’s powerful data provided by its users help add another layer of targeting for those in the marketing sector.

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