Locker, Stock and Book-Learning Barrell: Compelling Back-to-School Messages 

Students, teachers, and many anxious parents can sometimes have mixed emotions regarding the back-to-school season! While it brings about a long to-do list for some, business owners can rejoice due to the many unique opportunities it brings for promotion. Americans who are equipping their children and themselves for this time of year are estimated to part with around $37 billion to properly prepare. Here are some unique ideas for messaging ideas that resonate well with those preparing for new locker combinations and lunch prep time.

“Prior to In-depth Approach” Tips:   

Regardless of how you might want to decide to get your specific back-to-school message across, here are a few “outer-layer” basics that keep best practices in mind:

  • The Sense in Short and Sweet: It’s easy to put so much energy into this time of vitality and change that you may overthink your entire strategy. The customers you want to reach are busy making sure they get back into your routine, so you just need a very clear and concise message to assure that your point is made accurately and legitimately.
  • Attention-Commanding and Cunning CTA: during each point of your presentation, video or blog, keep in mind what your end goal is. If that goal is to have more sign-ups, subscribers, and new followers, be sure to be consistent with tangible call-to-action phrases.
  • Breaking Molds, Building Value: To solve a particular pain point, provide savings or an attention-grabbing discount, or anything else along the way, alerting users to how valuable your business is will always gain momentum. One excellent example is Uber, which drew in so many by letting them know that they simply need “one tap and a car comes directly to you.”

Messages Appropriate for Many Models:

No matter which type of niche you have taken it upon yourself to fill, there are a few good examples of general messages that always work to ring in the season with many “ringing class bells”:

  • (Business name) is now wishing you and yours a smooth and safe back-to-school season!
  • Back to school can be bittersweet. Lucky for you, our seasonal specials are very sweet!
  • Class is now in session. The first lesson? We’re coming up with more ways to make things easier for you. Here are a few:
  • It’s back to school season and these customer testimonials clue you into the fact that our business deserves an A+!
  • Here’s why our new special (product or service) gets an A+ from our satisfied customers:

Some Lunch Box & Desk-Friendly Messages for Social Media:

When second-period algebra is fully fired up and there are many after-school sports schedules to contend with, social media is going to be one of the most popular places that parents and students alike will be spending time. Platforms such as Facebook and Instagram have redefined the term “community”, and there are many school-related topics that are constantly on the radar. Here are a few warm and crowded-hall-primed messages to use for social media:

  • It’s officially back to school season, and we are busy studying how we’re improving our products and meeting your needs best! If you haven’t “passed the quiz” yet by leaving us a review, simply click this link now!
  • Since it’s back-to-school season, is there anything special that you are doing to celebrate? Fill us in in the comments below!
  • Back to school is ALWAYS back to fun! Don’t forget to tag us in one of your funniest back-to-school pictures and we’ll “give the best grade” to our favorites in our story.
  • There is no time better than back-to-school for sweet giveaways! We’re now giving away a secret passcode for an additional 30% off valid now through October 1st. All you have to do is reshare this post to your story and tag us to get in the line. One lucky winner will be drawn by us at the spur of the moment tomorrow night on Facebook Live!
  • Here are a few of our employees showing you by various facial expressions how they feel about the back-to-school season.
  • Whatever place you are at in your learning journey, here are some of our winning back-to-school tips:

Back-to-School Messages for Sales:

Increasing sales can be one of the most rewarding facets of this time of year. Since many of the purchases made are due to necessity, many ideal forms of messaging that can work in your favor such as these to convert:

  • Back to school always = back to savings here at (company name.) Shop our back-to-school sale today with straight-A-grade savings you can’t afford to miss. 
  • For a limited time, you can get back-to-school savings during the back-to-school season with our BOGO deal available now through Oct. 1. 
  • Brighten up your 10 AM snack break with these awesome deals.
  • This back-to-school sale has class-leading test results: 100% competitive prices, 100% free shipping, and 100% worry-free. Discover more now!
  • Our back-to-school-sales have as much spirit as any proud dodgeball winner. You just have to use the coupon code: “Back2school” at checkout to benefit from all the savings you don’t ever want to miss.

Back to School Messages for Teachers:

Teachers are truly “the reason for the season” when it comes to having a smooth and safe school year. Messaging that conveys genuine appreciation and solid support for their efforts will be well accepted. Following Are a few examples:

  • To all the teachers who have so bravely been toiling in the trenches: we see you and are thankful for you!
  • We just wanted everyone to know that without teachers, there would be no back-to-school season! To show appreciation here’s an exclusive 30% off code.
  • Lesson plans? Homeroom lists? Classroom interior decoration? If anything happens to be missing, let us show you how we can help prepare for going back to school by using this cool link below.
  • Teachers are an amazingly inspiring group. Please share with us your best teaching story, to be entered into our fantastic back-to-school sweepstakes!

Harnessing the Power of Unique Back-to-School Messages:

Any of these well-crafted messages could be successful for your business. The different ways that you could choose to make these ideas unique depend on the type of offering you have chosen. Consistency is one of the key tactics to assure that your message is conveyed well and reaches the right audience. A+ back-to-school campaigns always begin here at FarFetched Studios! Digital brilliance and supercharged marketing are some of our great assets: turning clicks into customers will be the sensational start to Q4 you are looking for.