Maximizing the Competitive Metrics Within Google Ads

Google Ads is one of the most prominent and effective tools we use for our clients at Farfetched Studios. It can be a competitive domain, and constantly monitoring trends and your position is key to success. 

Simply gauging how aggressive your competition is with Google ads is the beginning of a successful strategy. In the reporting section of Google ads, “Competitive Metrics” and “Auction Insights” are a couple great tools to get the big picture of how you’re doing against other brands like yours. 

Search Outranking Share 

This data allows you to see which specific domains have successfully outranked your ads, and how frequently it occurs. Seeing exactly who your competitors are can take some time in such a large web of growing global commerce, and this search outranking share tool helps give a better understanding of competitors that you are up against.

Search Overlap Rate and Position Above Rate

Search Overlap Rate allows you to understand how often a different brand or their URL appears alongside yours. This gives you a better understanding of the other items that appear when a customer is searching for a product or service in their area. The Position Above Rate metric provides a close look into how often that ad appears above your own when they are both shown together as a pair. 

A close look at this data will tell you which other hungry fish in the digital waters are bidding against you for an identical search result to yield customers. One good course of action to take after identifying your competitors would be to examine their user experience and look for ways you can vary your own to impact your clickthrough rate.

Impression Share is the percentage of total impressions that your ad was displayed vs. the total amount of possibilities. If 200 searches took place for “running shoes” and your ad served for 100, your impression share would be 50%.

Click Share shows the grand total of clicks you received in the search network divided by the estimated maximum number of clicks. After we have laid out a plan that allows you to spread the word as efficiently as possible, organic and rapid growth can take place. Sometimes, it may just be a slight tweak of language or altering the appearance of your online inventory. 

The Road to Reaping Rewards With an Eye-Popping Web Presence

Using data wisely is one of our fine-honed skills, and we’re waiting to pinpoint the large potential for success for every winning aspect of your project!

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