Mobile App Geo-fencing Gives Businesses a Push in the Right Direction

Newest developments allow businesses to notify customers of offers in real-time

Emails and direct mailers about your company’s latest offers are fine, but what if you could put an offer right in front of customers as they walk in the door, park their car on the lot or even drive or walk by? This is possible through geo-fencing. Geo-fencing with mobile apps puts offers literally in the customer’s hands minutes before entering your business.

Geo-fencing explained

According to, geo-fencing is a feature in a software program that uses the global positioning system (GPS) or radio frequency identification (RFID) to define geographical boundaries. A geo-fence could even more easily be explained as a virtual barrier.

For a business, geo-fencing is another way to interact directly with a customer. It would be similar to having an employee stand outside a store and shout the latest deals at a customer as they walk by, only far less annoying.

How geo-fencing works

FFS_GeoFencing_BLOG_IMGGeo-fencing is most commonly fueled by a mobile app. When a customer has GPS enabled on their phone, they will receive a push notification when entering a pre-determined range. Ranges can be set for just about any radius, but usually, the smaller the more effective. This push notification will then stay on the user’s app even when they leave the range. The push notification will remain until a pre-set expiration date.

Ways to take advantage of geo-fencing

Geo-fencing gives your customers another reason to download any apps. Special offers can be revealed only through apps, such as $5 off on your next oil change when you bring in this coupon/notification. By integrating your CRM databases, you can let customers know that they are ready for their loyalty reward when they park their cars.

You can even set geo-fencing in your competitor’s areas. If you’re a car dealership, let your customers know that your dealership knows the brand inside and out. Is your oil change the cheapest in town? Scope the competition in your area. Next time your customer goes to Generic Oil Change shop, they’ll receive a notification reminding them that your dealership is cheaper!

Make the geo-fencing worth your customer’s time, and you’ll strengthen the relationship with customers who download your app. Keep an eye on which customers respond to geo-fencing and experiment with different offers. Which ones do your customers take advantage of when they visit? Which do they ignore?

Don’t lose business to your regional competition! Stay utilizing geo-fencing on your mobile app today! Contact Farfetched Studios, the St. Louis marketing agency that can optimize your mobile app and geo-fencing capabilities!

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