More Than a Stand-Alone Host: Reviving Your YouTube Channel to Build a Thriving Brand

Appealing to customers with the use of video has long been at the top of many marketer’s to-do lists, and the first thing they ask us here at Farfetched Studios is which platform is the most important. We must give the answer that most other seasoned experts provide when we say, “All of them!” Many people wonder why they should use YouTube or if they should just prioritize TikTok, as it’s a growth trend has been so robust over the last three years.

The root problem of many MP4’s gone wrong:

Many brands and businesses can often disregard YouTube as a medium that thrives under false pretenses that plague the platform. Some have falsely latched on to the way of thinking that falsely claims that only clickbait and music videos are the dominating form of content on YouTube. Many have claimed that success on YouTube requires a massive budget, and that you can’t get anywhere without incorporating professional video production equipment.

One of the reasons that some brands fail is that they have not been able to create engaging content that simply resonates well with their audience. Without engaging content, you can suffer an immediate loss of interest in viewers who will quickly shift their attention to another channel. When videos are being uploaded, this is the time to really maximize the channel’s potential, with crafty titles and truly engaging material. Taking the time to deeply understand your audience and what makes them tick will always help during this process.

The laundry list leading up to ghosting:

When a YouTube channel becomes suddenly deserted, there could be a few crucial reasons that lead up to the eventual “graveyard syndrome”. The time put into the finished result is a huge success factor, as the budget and technology level aren’t always as crucial as the planning, optimizing, and organic promotion of the content. In other instances, a brand could be creating content that looks great but doesn’t quite address the pain points or other mantras in daily life that its audience is experiencing.

Why the great exodus must be avoided:

If things were going fairly well at one time and suddenly, a customer that is interested in your new product line shows up on your YouTube to see nothing but barren tundra, it will appear that you don’t care about your public image. If someone comes to check things out online and sees that there are no signs of intelligent life or vital presence, it is incredibly hard for you to remain memorable and relevant.

It has been quite some time now that you can’t just throw up a functional URL with a checkout cart and see massive success immediately, but rather utilize a fully multi-channel approach. Marketers who have done their diligence closely researching trends have ranked TikTok and Instagram higher in usage anticipation, but YouTube still holds a wealth of potential for reaching new customers. Once your content is up and ready on YouTube, it is so very important to keep engaging, answering questions, and providing sensible solutions for everyday life.

An infinitely important pull of engagement done right: 

The YouTube platform is a great tool for businesses to directly engage with their viewers by commenting and using other very audience-inclusive features. Once the more difficult aspect of the creation is finished and you are up and running on YouTube, the platform’s algorithm has an excellent means of promoting your content. Up to 90% of viewers claim that they have confidently bought a product or service after watching a video about it, and we also now know that YouTube users are three times more likely to watch a video tutorial than read old-fashioned and typeset instructions. It may seem daunting to have a solid platform on YouTube and then still must branch out to have an excellent presence on other platforms, but that’s just where experts like us victoriously roll in!

The resurface and successful resurrection: 

Now that you realize how important it is to have a well-planned presence on YouTube, it is beneficial to closely take stock of what you have that is positive, and what steps you should take next. YouTube has very useful built-in channel and video analytics that can provide you with valuable information such as how long viewers are watching for and how much of the video they’re viewing. The retention graph that YouTube offers also provides clear and defined data that allows you to see where audiences drop off and stop paying attention.

If some audiences are dropping off right away at the beginning of the video it could mean that something is misleading in the description or title that isn’t congruent with your offering. Videos that educate entertain wow keeping a higher level of engagement are sought after not just to cure viewers of boredom, but to provide them with the visual bits they’re searching for. If you are reviewing products or giving demos on how great they are, it’s important to always answer questions that viewers have, and take it a step further by pinning, which puts them up top.

Tools for increased discoverability:

YouTube has long been loved by SEO experts because of its very user-friendly optimization tools. You can complete valuable keyword research, investigating issues that people are currently searching for, while also adding your own snippets of valuable metadata. It is also very useful to use YouTube’s CTR optimization to see if your thumbnail accurately reflects what is happening in the video. There is also the option to use very useful tags that are perfect for keywords when not completed in spammy sense.

We understand that performing a thorough revival of your YouTube channel requires a high level of dedication, and once you’re completed you still must remain consistent. Even though some of this hard work in practice does make perfect, the rewards are great when you find that your valuable YouTube channel can most definitely be brought back from unprofitable existence. Our digital strategy here at Farfetched Studios incorporates many winning components into hey final formula, and we have long known that this viable streaming platform should never be left unattended and on the wayside.