Moving Mountains One Tagline at a Time: Tips for Creating Engaging Social Media Content

Social media has become one of the most useful and engaging avenues to deliver your message, gain a following, and inform your customers about new products. As most successful business owners know, this is easier said than done, and posting frequently is the best means of attracting positive attention. Here are some of the ways that our team here at Farfetched Studios makes sure that every post is working hard towards the goal of a long-lasting impression and organic message delivery. 

The Appealing and Lucrative Draw of Video: 

When a user is excitedly looking for something to tell their friends about, a giant wall of text may not be the most exciting way to convey your message. The reason that TikTok exploded in user base so heavily over the past three years that attention spans are shorter now. Short video remains in the memory banks longer, and appeals to an end user’s sense of compulsive interest. For everything you post, you should be adding at least one image or video.

The Regimen of the Original Photo Route: 

If you happen to use stock photos in your social media posts, you may want to move to original photos! Even though there are sources now that look incredibly professional and glossy, they don’t do much for SEO. 62% of consumers claimed that high-quality product images influenced their final purchasing decision, and hiring a local photographer is a great idea to complement what is happening with your business. 

Even a high-quality smartphone is better than using images that someone may have already encountered in the vast space of the internet. It’s a good idea to make sure that images are relevant to the text around them, and are not just there to provide a visual break. 

Evoking the Evergreen and Repurposed Approach: 

Your “nuts and bolts” content can be presented as several types of messages that are easy to convey into visuals. Infographics, charts, and other images are not only eye-catching, but they are also a practical means of assuring that your main points are remembered. You can use tools and templates from platforms such as Piktochart to create graphics that are eye-catching, relevant, and make a solid statement. Whenever there are numbers and other forms of raw data involved, conveying the idea with an image shows that you have done your homework!

The Real-World Relevance of Natural Testimonials: 

When your potential customers are assessing your product or service online, they are more likely to trust someone who has used it as opposed to a company representative who is attempting to make a sales pitch. 78% of consumers claim to have faith in online reviews, as seeing what an everyday individual like them thinks holds a great deal of weight and provides confidence. 

Hopping on the Trends:

One of the ways that we specialize in helping digital campaigns succeed is by using social media analytics and insights to closely analyze what has performed well over the past few months. Pinterest is a large source of wealth in this category, as their “Most Repinned” page can clue you in to what has been popular and the types of traits that viewers can’t resist. It is definitely worth any busy marketing manager or user experience expert’s time to search Google for images that are trending, and check hashtags on Instagram to confirm high-ranking topics.

The Time-Tested Appeal of Healthy Competition:

When you are setting out to grow an audience, it is always a savvy choice to make sure that you are posting content that solves problems, appeals to the budget-minded side of buyers, and tells a relatable story. Another great way to build traffic and gain exposure is to run a contest, drawing, or competition. Tagging friends, commenting or sharing, and encouraging users to share their own content are all some of the best ideas. Just remember to remind all involved that the social media platform you are using is not the official contest sponsor!

Influencers Inadvertently Learning of Your Admiration:

Even if you feel that one of your favorite influencers is someone that gets mentioned every day, they will always appreciate the fact that their reach is growing further. Many newscasters and other people working in the media love this kind of attention because gaining a supportive following is a manifestation of their hard-earned successes. It may seem a bit forward to ask someone you are a fan of a question such as what their favorite project or accomplishment was, but they could just be itching to share snippets like that with someone new!

Hunting Hashtags in Their Natural Habitat: 

What many pro-level social media specialists have learned is that the successful use of hashtags varies greatly within different platforms. It’s good to use about two hashtags for each Twitter post while Instagram is much more lenient at anywhere up to 25.

After the hard work is done completing design and development, there are many other hurdles to overcome once you are ready to let the world know how much your product will benefit them! Here at Farfetched Studios, we are constantly monitoring all social channels to see what is trending and analyzing the differences between the platforms. Different mediums pose different challenges for tone and presentation, and our team will assure that your message meets the right audience!

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