New Spotify Advertising Details

At Farfetched Studios, we are always looking for innovative ways to help our clients reach more potential customers. We are excited to fill you in on the latest streaming ad insertion (SAI)’s capabilities coming soon with Spotify. Spotify upped the game for 2021, introducing the first-of-its-kind Spotify Audience Network, an audio advertising marketplace allowing precise targeted ads to listeners across ad-supported music, and podcasts hosted on Spotify and Spotify-owned Megaphone and Anchor. If you are interested in learning more about what this platform can do for you when it goes live, give us a call 314-884-8556. In the meantime, we will brief you on all the details! 


Audio Advertising Marketplace


Our job as a marketing agency is to make sure your ad dollars are spent in the right place. With more and more people streaming podcasts, Spotify Audience Network is the perfect place to reach your next customer. It will allow businesses of all sizes to get in front of potential customers on one of the biggest podcast providers available. Not only will you reach more people, but we will help you strategically target your audience. We believe this platform will be an excellent way to reach your exact ideal audience.


What does Spotify Audience Network mean for business owners?

You will have access to hundreds of millions of Spotify users to strategically place your ad in front of the right person at the right time. In 2020 Spotify launched their Streaming Ad Insertion (SAI) technology that allowed for digital planning, reporting and measurements. Before, it was impossible to target audiences in real time leaving advertisers in the dark on where their ads where playing and if anyone was actually hearing them. With Spotify Audience Network, you will also no longer have to connect with multiple podcast publishers to get your ads to the right place. Instead, you can achieve this all with one platform.


By acquiring two of the largest podcast platforms, Spotify will be the leading audio advertising marketplace. Anchor has over 80% of all new podcasts while Megaphone is a popular choice among content creators giving you access to a whole new variety of listeners. 

Benefits of Spotify Audience Network

  • Reach a listening audience at scale on and off Spotify
  • Tools available to target your specific audience
  • Analytics available to better understand ad delivery and effectiveness

If you are struggling to drive traffic to your business, our team at Farfetched Studios will help you. Don’t throw your ad dollars at just anything. Have a plan. And if you need help with that plan, give us a call for a consultation.