Oracle Survey Results are in: Digital Marketing Hurdles and New Horizons Trending During 2022

To say that the past two years have been rife with demands and massive pressures for anyone in marketing would be putting it lightly, as being ruthlessly agile, adaptable, and innovative are now daily challenges for everyone. Oracle’s very thorough survey of over 850 marketing professionals in leadership and management roles reveals that 94% felt as if their marketing efforts last year were a success, and 48% of them felt strongly so. 

Here are some of the top challenges and marketing solutions that all of us here at Farfetched Studios believe will be on many marketers’ priority lists, and savvy ways to align your very own strategy for success. 

What will be the Predominant Challenges Facing Marketers This Year?

Maximizing performance across multiple channels was a huge priority, as well as adaptability to change: no one foresaw the emergence of a virus and its massive consequences as a problem more than two years ago. Delivering exceptional customer experience has been a true struggle lately, as browsing through a website has now got to be rewarding, informative, and memorable to make its true mark. Segmenting and properly targeting audiences is also one of the truest struggles of 2022, as defining just who you want to reach requires many different types of research and retention efforts.

Which Performance Metrics Have the Most Relevance in 2022?

Data-backed insights are ones that we frequently look at here at Farfetched Studios to rise above the many challenges of the current market. As far as performance metrics, many of the familiar faces have reared their heads and shown up at the line. Sales and revenue, customer lifestyle value, and cost per lead are a few of the attributes heading the pack. Breaking down what each lead costs can be a bit of a timely science, but is also some of the most powerful knowledge one could ever use: how much are you spending to get a potential sales conversion or future subscriber possessing massive loyalty?

Marketing Solutions That Remain as Dire Nuts and Bolts:

Customer data, email marketing, content management, marketing automation, testing and optimization, Loyalty solutions, video editing equipment, and AI are some of the most popular solutions that top the list. One of the reasons why we are so big on email marketing here is the many ways in which you can customize your list and message. Asking questions about how people are doing, gently prodding into what types of decisions they may have made, and the ability to constantly remind someone what you offer are all instrumental. The rise of artificial intelligence is going to be massive over the next few years, as the metaverse becomes more popular and tasks such as writing are with less and less human interaction.

The Hangover Recovery After Third-Party Cookies’ Mass Exodus: The presence of third-party cookies that will no longer have their own hovering effect over digital marketing will be noticed immediately. This year’s Oracle survey had wondered aloud which first-party data sources would see heightened value and offered up very tangible and realistic results: 36% will be tied to customer purchase history, and 32% will be linked to social media profiles. 31% will be through brand-new website registrations, and 26% through survey respondents. Looking at any individual’s social media profile will provide quite a large amount of information about them, and their purchase history is prone to predict what they may want in their shopping cart next. 

The Incoming power of AI and “Always Just a Matter of Trust”: The ability to adapt to circumstances as they arise and being able to quickly change at the drop of a hat have always been identified as a very challenging element, and this is where the powers of AI step in successfully. What is our stance on it here at Farfetched Studios? We still have a bit of hesitance regarding the AI issue but know that it will one day be very predominant and incredibly rewarding.

At this point, we feel Ai is best and most opportune for ad targeting and placement, personalizing content, and estimating conversion counts. Having access to the right data is always going to promote the best in decision-making and provide a detailed glance into where consumers are on the hunt for the next primed-and-popular subscription service or product, and we are positioned to help you grow, prosper, and play for keeps regarding positive revenue in the digital realm!

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