Performance Marketing in 2021- Top Recommendations

As a digital marketing agency, Farfetched Studios has always valued the online world’s importance and know how powerful it is to build and sustain a business. It is the basis of what we do. We have a passion for understanding the fine details of a consumer journey that ultimately lead to your business. With the way 2020 panned out, business owners were left scrambling to have a presence online. Meanwhile, consumers conveniently engaged in online shopping and browsing more than ever before. It is never too late to build your brand online and watch your business grow. But make sure you are spending your marketing dollars wisely with a digital marketing agency that thrives on results and performance and does not overlook the details in between. Straight from our team of digital marketing experts at Farfetched Studios, here are the top four key elements to keep in mind for performance marketing in 2021 to turn your marketing dollars into a sure profit.


#1 Digital Marketing is Going Nowhere

The pressure is on. Does the digital experience you offer your customers go above and beyond? Digital marketing is going nowhere. In fact, it is only growing. Consumer demands are shifting, meaning your marketing strategy should shift too. As a business owner, your primary focus for 2021 should be to continue to grow your online presence and implement digital programs tailored toward your customers’ needs. This may include videos, webinars, paid searches, and mobile marketing.


#2 Understanding the Consumer Journey

A consumer journey is the path and experiences a customer goes through while interacting with your company or brand. Tactics used in the past to track your ideal customer may not work for 2021. More research will need to be done to take a deeper dive to reach your target audience successfully. If you take the time to truly understand your customer journey, you will come out on top. Our team at Farfetched Studios will customize a strategic plan to target and understand your potential buyer’s journey allowing you to maximize marketing dollars, increase conversion rates and deepen your brand impact.

#3 Having the Right Technology Tools

Marketing and technology go hand in hand. At Farfetched Studios, we use the latest integrative tools to collect data and fully understand your target audience. We can better streamline the marketing execution process by having an insight into what is going on. This allows us to create engaging content from what we learn. Our team can communicate more effectively while also measuring these efforts to see what is working or needs to improve. 

#4 Be Authentic

A consumer can tell when a company is coming off as “salesy.” Be true to who you say you are and provide an excellent experience. Customers want to feel a connection with who they are buying from. What do you stand for, and what value can you offer them? The more in-depth information that outlines the mission that you can provide for your potential customers, the more you will increase your customer retention. And when you increase customer retention, you have formed a positive relationship and perhaps gained a loyal customer for life. How can you do this? Check out some ways below to keep an authentic connection with your customers through content marketing.

  1. Have a monthly newsletter. Newsletters are a great way to share your mission and values and build a solid relationship with your customers. Keep them coming back for more.
  2. Email Marketing. Email campaigns are another avenue to drive meaningful engagement in a personalized way. Email marketing also has a great ROI.
  3. Blogs. Although blogs are a long-term strategy, they offer valuable insight and build trust.
  4. Anything else that may be of value to your target audience that you can offer for free.

We understand 2020 was a difficult one to navigate. And although the demand to improve your digital marketing is high, don’t let it stress you but rather think of it as a new opportunity to grow. Farfetched Studios is ready to tackle 2021 with you to make it your best year yet. Give us a call today!