Poke the Box

By: Seth Godin

#PokeTheBox #SethGodin is a great book for both managers and even entry level staffers. It is more of a rant about us as a society being trained to get permission before doing instead of just taking the initiative. Got to love this! This is literally how Farfetched was started. The digital world was growing and the clients we had didn’t know anything about it…so someone needed to figure it all out. Second, there is no map! So true, find your way by taking the chance to fail (but fail responsibly lol). And further more, we’ve all heard that success is never achieved without some failure so why do we keep ignoring that? The answer, because that is our excuse.

So take the initiative, explore, and fail/succeed every day in order to grow! #entrepreneurlife #farfetchedstudios #ffs #stlouis #stladagency #agencylife #growthmindset