Programmatic Video Buying Predictions Slowly Becoming Reality

Video ad budgets devoted to programmatic buying increased by more than 60 percent this year

Programmatic video buying becomes more and more utilized each month, and the money ad agencies spend on it is starting to reflect those numbers. The total number of video ads purchased programmatically has soared 62 percent since March 2014 according to Turn research.

Three-quarters of ad agencies in both the United States and the United Kingdom were accounting for at least part of their video ad budget toward programmatic buying. In the U.S., almost 8 percent of agencies surveyed budgeted anywhere from 81 to 100 percent of their spending on programmatic video buying.

What exactly is programmatic video buying?

FFS_Programmatic Video_SEP15So if so many ad agencies are into programmatic video buying, what exactly are they clamoring for? Because of its complexity, it’s not easy to define it in one sentence. Maggie Jones of BrightRoll said that impressions in programmatic buying are bought automatically and are “evaluated individually, rather than in large blocks.”

Ads can be specifically bought on the fly and put in front of customers that matter. The data from the viewers that can be collected on programmatic buying is richer and more customized than traditional buying, say for TV stations. Jones said there are three key aspects that separate programmatic buying from traditional buying: automation through software, individually-evaluated impressions and data usage.

This change in programmatic buying also affects TV as more firms are leaving television and hitting up Internet pre-roll, etc. It seems that getting your business’ message out there require more digital buying.

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