Rentrak, Google Partnership Give TV Advertisements an Edge in Analytics

Gap between digital, TV ads closes with better assessment of what and when searches occur

Just when it seems as if traditional television commercials were going to take a backseat to digital advertising, a new Google partnership has changed the dynamics of how viewers of commercials trend in searches after commercials.

FFS_TV_ATTRIBUTIONRentrak and Google teamed up to offer a new dimension to analytic advertising data. According to Adometry by Google, “TV attribution lets you analyze minute-by-minute aggregated Google Search query data against spot-related keywords to detect and attribute search “micro-conversions” to specific TV airings.”

For example, if a potential customer views your commercial on TV, they may see an offer or product they want to research. Whether they go directly to your site or through an organic search, the new dimension from Google and Rentrak will monitor the micro-conversions and queries that correlate with the offline broadcast.

Gone are the days of checking site visit times versus commercial air times manually or with convoluted programs. Farfetched Studios LLC, a St. Louis-based marketing agency, has the skills and expertise to help you manage your analytics and ROI for your on-air TV spots.

Better measurement and attribution is just the tip of the iceberg. Finding out what time your ads drive people to searches and your websites will help you better schedule your spots. Learning what keywords are most searched will help improve your copy and graphics.

With Farfetched Studios and Google’s help, your company can better discern immediate influence, find out what influences searches in your industry and more accurately attribute resources to campaigns that work. With this addition, your business can better synergize its cross-channel advertising platform and find out how to excel.

Adometry by Google is just another in a long line of features that can grow a business’s advertising sector. Let Farfetched Studios create a proposal on how we can help your dealership and company’s advertising strategy. Contact us today to get started!

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