SEM- Search Engine Marketing-Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Campaigns

We’ve all seen the ads in our search results but some of us don’t even realize that they are paid ads or organic search results (or what the difference is…). Either way, Pay-per-click campaigns (if done correctly) are extremely relevant to what the user is searching for. Pay-per-click is actually a win-win for the consumer and business. We (the business) takes the initiative to get our relevant products in front of the consumers based on terms we have found to generate searches for ads we create, no matter how broad or exact the search terms may be. What could be better? A customer goes out searching for your product/services etc… and the first search they find exactly what they are looking for, YOU!

Keyword Development

Keyword list scrubbing and applying more relevant keywords based on what people are currently searching for.

Display Advertising

Go beyond search engine marketing and the results page with image and video ads. Show up across the web.


Don’t let good leads go to waste! Even if your target customer doesn’t make contact the first time, you can get them back in your crosshairs.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Analysis of the behavior of visitors to the site based on ad analytics/behavior and adapting landing pages to improve lead capture. Get the most out of your PPC Campaigns.

What can SEM do for you?

Increasing site traffic

Increase Revenue

Increase Leads

Increasing brand awareness

Built for Results

Farfetched Studios LLC has developed a comprehensive keyword building technique to effectively run any businesses PPC campaigns. We also include in our daily management; budget management, keyword and ad performance monitoring. Farfetched is a Google Partners Agency and Bing/Yahoo Certified. The biggest difference between Farfetched vs. other agencies is our ability to get up close and personal with your company to develop a better understanding of your business. The end result is a custom tailored and hand built digital strategy for your company.


Real-time Market & Competitor Research
Dynamic Keyword Building
Landing Page Optimization
Conversion Tracking

Attribution Modeling
Analyze & Adapt

Google is definitely the place to start, being that it is the #1 Search Engine followed by Yahoo and Bing, which both have opportunities to engage, attract and drive customers to your website.