Sizing People Up

By: Robin Dreeke and Cameron Stauth

Why is an entrepreneur reading a book about behavioral prediction? Well in the past 10 years I’ve realized that the more you can predict, the more you can control and right now I want to control growth as well as stability in my team. The information I sought after isn’t in this book but the tools to evaluate your current team and future candidates are. There are also great tools for evaluating great partners and even clients. Establishing trust and using “tells” based on people’s past behavior can really help a business grow and create the stability that I seek. It’s crazy that after ten years my business has evolved so much and the strategies that I use aren’t just related to advertising or business. Anyways, to the book. #robindreeke is a retired FBI agent, headed up some very integral parts of intelligence that involved mostly Russian influence on events during my lifetime (particularly since 2003) but how he vetted integral intelligence partners from the other side is really what interested me. These are people that could easily gain off deceiving him to misdirect intelligence for the other side. A lot is at stake so behavioral prediction is crucial. So I look at those tools and I say, the world isn’t at risk based on my business decisions but my world as well as my employees worlds are at risk based on my decisions….so let’s make safer bets and judgements to improve our growth. Anyways, enjoy the book. Write down the six steps, implement them into your hiring practices and employee evals. Good luck! #sizingpeopleup #entrepreneurbookclub #behavioralprediction #stladman #agencylife #predictionofgrowth

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