Small Business Digital Tips For the Win in 2022: Stand by For Immediate Implementation!

Digital Marketing is a landscape that is constantly changing daily and is frequently difficult to keep up with as you are making decisions that could make or break your bottom line while attracting attention to your brand. If any entity pays too much attention to immediately trending events and cycles, it can be easy to not keep your budget in line and spread over various very important channels. Some of the bolder marketing trends out there are a bit hard to try because they may be costly, but we are experts here at FarFetched Studios when it comes to A-list storytelling and finding creative ways to provide your campaign with a truly personal touch.

Here are 7 ways you can provide your digital marketing business with a savvy boost this year that will help you stand out prominently and win over the customers that help make a difference. 

Email Marketing With a Personal Touch:

When a customer first gets their day started and is looking at who is contacting them: they are still digging deep for snippets of personal connection. Reminders, anecdotes, and connections to any small element of business go a long way in building a bond with your customers. We recognize that the customer mindset has changed, and that some want to be nurtured while others do not: we have found that offering coupons and other deals that are customized to preference can really get to the heart and soul of a customer’s mindset and allow you to interact as an acquaintance instead of a “peddler”.

The Allure or Full-on Marketing Automation:

Automation helps you to streamline many of your business processes, and is an always-emerging and developing flow that can make you more efficient. When we look at your company’s productivity level, we are also wanting to assure that you supercharge your conversion rate and leave a trail of positive interactions along the way. From data tallying to schedule adherence, there is always a means in the existence of doing things just a bit faster. 

The Amazing Capturing Nuance of a Narrative: 

Gone now are the days of hard-hitting sales that are centered around high pressure. Right now, it is very important to tell a story to make sure your products and services are going to be marketed correctly, and content marketing is an ideal way to branch out and explain how you solve problems. Here is one of the things we have recognized over the past few years here: when it comes to home improvement and other fixtures, the problem is solved right away: consulting, marketing, and other businesses take a bit more to convey where the “good stuff happens”. 

Adding Influencers in the Mix:

Influencer marketing is not just beneficial for bigger brands, as it is an amazing tool to build brand awareness and generate high-quality leads. Platforms such as Instagram and TikTok have users with massively-loyal fan bases who look up to them for their personal opinions, and see their value as their own when it comes to brands. From lifestyle and shoe brands to other products such as tents and camping gear, this is where an authentic style can really ring true. Clothing, fragrances, and food are niches where influencers are worth every penny.

The Massive SEO Boost Gleaned From Google My Business: 

The Google My Business listing is a must for every small business out there to boost its own online presence. People searching Google visit 1.5 billion destinations each month based on their Google searches, and 76% of those searching visit the location within just 24 hours. The Google My Business listing can give your business the extensive visibility and credibility that you need, and has lately become one of the most finely-tuned and focused marketing strategies for any small business out there. It’s tied to the most important search engine and ALWAYS needs to have top priority when it comes to your digital strategy.

The Rising Popularity of Digital Events: 

The ability to show up online easily for webinars, online conferences, live discussions, and podcasts are powerful tools for brands to see growth. You need to host and attend these events to assure that your audience is acquainted with your products, and that you interact with them to feel the pulse of what they are seeking. Surveys and polls have gotten on the riskier side as of late, but will still help you understand the particulars of what they are looking for.

The Resounding Power of Referrals:

When a buyer is very happy with a brand, they are going to spread the word. Your business should be unique, and all of us here at FarFetched Studios are consistently prepared to tell your story. From referral marketing to using automated tools and the benefits of local SEO, we have seen what works best and how to bring you success. We are consistently behind the screens, keyboards, and other analytical tools of the current times to help assure that your strategy is out there killing it during the current exciting recovery.