Stand and Deliver: The Techie’s Science of Making Sure Emails Go Where Planned

Much like the segment of the company that is depicted in the beloved British comedy, the IT department is sometimes the one that is on the help desk line asking you “if you turned it off and on again” to fix the problem! The IT Department is usually the brains behind the gusto for configuring email-related systems, and making sure that “The pinging is proper” and the delivery protocol is on point.


The savvy folks on staff at Marketing Land had spent a fairly grave amount of time with the 2019 Periodic Table of Email Optimization and Deliverability document over the past few months and shared their thoughts regarding it last week. This resource is chock full of technical elements, content recommendations, factors regarding compliance, and creative guidelines to help with most B2B or other marketers’ final goal: inbox placement.


The Mail Transfer Agent is the software in place that transfers email from one computer to another through Simple Mail Transfer Protocol. When your desired end-user receives, views, and hopefully responds to your outbound messages, they use a “Mail user agent” of their selection. Outbound messages put to use an SMTP server, while inbound messages use a POP3 or IMAP server.


The IP address is the number that is assigned to each computer, network, or device that is sending and receiving info through the web. Your entity and the entities you are reaching out to may have their own dedicated IP address, or a shared one. This is of importance because “Sender Reputation” is often assigned by IP address, and it can be difficult to distinguish between various senders that all use a single one.


If you are an outbound company that is targeting prospects for any professional reason or gain, you want to be in control of your Sender Reputation, and want to trust a marketing team that has a very thorough knowledge of current sending practices. This way, it is only YOUR team’s behavior that affects your Sender Reputation.


Your IP address will most often be associated with a domain name or sub domain such as or – through the DNS. The DNS is there to perform the duty of mapping domain names to the actual IP addresses that are the hosts for the sites, and those who are the ones sending mail related to said sites.


You may find that with your company’s goals for 2020, managing your Sender Reputation is so crucial that you may not want to take the reigns entirely. A team of SMTP-savvy vets may be the best way to take on the new year and have a sense of confidence as well as direction. We are surely living in an era that is not sympathetic to mistakes closely involving two vital technical entities: search engine optimization for your company presence, and whether or not your sales email ends up in the spam box.


It takes a dedicated IP address, layers of monitoring feedback from inbox providers, and a rigorous mantra of Reputation Management to succeed these days. We at Farfetched Studios are the Best St Louis Digital Marketing agency here to help you solidify your goals, land that account that desperately needed landing, and constantly re-evaluate your brand to bring it to its greatest potential!


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