Success Within the Search Landscape: How to Remain on Top of PPC Performance

Staying on top of what is currently trending is such a vital component of digital success, and your campaign’s monitoring plan can require multiple experts in your talent pool! Results-driven PPC performance comes from tracking multiple metrics and has the potential to pose challenging requirements for taking frequent and quick action. In this article today we will highlight a few things that work for us here at FarFetched Studios, as every browsing user you can grab the attention of has the potential to convert. 

A Resounding Clear Picture via Automated Reports: 

Google and Microsoft Advertising both offer this type of reporting to assist with your campaign planning. These tools allow you to determine which metrics are crucial to be watching before you even begin. Why most savvy digital managers can benefit from automated reports is their distinct ability to identify underperforming areas. After you find an area that could use improvement, you can decide whether or not to try a different approach, alter your message, or pivot spending to areas of higher performance. 

Custom Dashboards For Added Insight

Dashboards are one of the most useful forms of multitasking and provide you with an excellent “command center” that you can man your vital controls with. Featuring all your paid search stats in one handy place, and you can use all of these to save the time it takes to review reports just one at a time. It is very useful to have a location that can show which metrics matter the most, and quickly share the results to other teammates. The Google Ads Reporting location provides several different places to add custom modules that best fit your needs. 

Mission-Relevant Updates: Automated Alerts

Setting up performance alerts will interrupt you (in a good way!) to let you know when vital metrics fall outside of your acceptable range. There are so many things to keep track of to run a successful digital business, and it is crucial to know right away when one of these stats is affected. If you opt for doing this manually, it can take a fair amount of time. Having the benefit of being alerted immediately when one of these is affected can help you quickly make informed decisions that will allow you to make changes in copy, strategy, and placement. 

Concrete Data Vs Human Intuition: 

Intuition can offer up a spark or hunch that begins your thought process down a specific path. After long standing data entity PWC surveyed more than 1,000 executives last year, they found that highly data-driven organizations are 3 times more likely to report improvements compared to those who rely on instinct. During a PPC campaign, what counts as “people analytics” are a vital component to consider, as they help home in on problems to solve.

Calculating the best bidding strategy for different goals, setting bids to score as many conversions as possible, and halting low-performing ads are actions we can take after carefully analyzing the results. Our staff here at FarFetched Studios are intently watching developments in AI, and the fact that by 2030, its economic impact will reach $15.7 trillion. In the very near future, we will have tools to predict the CTR of ads, calculate the impact of ads on quality scores, and analyze the bids that are likely to score decent traffic. 

Exploring “That Other Proper Engine” for PPC Placement:

Google Ads is clearly the leader in the PPC marketing realm, but there are a few other avenues that are worth any ad strategy’s time and energy. Microsoft Advertising is another means of expanding your horizons within paid optimization, and could be ideal for you depending on your target location and industry. Microsoft’s platform offers action extensions, review extensions, and LinkedIn profile targeting as very valuable tools to assist you in planning and execution. The PPC space can prove to be challenging, as it consists of a viable keyword lure that you must actively “bid on as well as cross your fingers regarding” to succeed. Our expertise will allow you to confidently assert a thriving presence in a segment that can require detail. Contact us today to see how our team can put your product or services into motion while achieving massive growth!

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