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Scalable and Streamlined Automation: Implementing PPC Layering in Google Ads

The emergence of ChatGPT was a huge milestone in the advertising industry, yet PPC automation was around long before this! PPC management has already been disrupted significantly with the rise of AI, as keeping with manual methods has greatly affected productivity. No matter how many accounts you are ultimately responsible for, the human touch is

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Don’t Suffer Lag, be the Ambitious Alpha Byte! 5 Marketing Trends To Embrace For 2024

The social media and digital advertising landscape has been evolving at the speed of light and the coming year promises to offer numerous challenging surprises. Methods for creating and sharing content are constantly changing and 2024 promises to offer even more riveting advancements in technology. The trends that are rearing their heads sometimes arrive on

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Bidding, Continuity Brilliance, & Conversion: Video Ad Strategy for YouTube in 2024

One of the most rewarding spends on advertising for video that is growing every day is YouTube! With billions of users worldwide and many lucrative marketing tools, YouTube has a very useful organic side along with segment-leading display ad potential and retargeting options. The first step to enjoying success on YouTube is to ensure that

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Pursuing PPC Greatness Post Cookie-Crumble: Harnessing Success Minus Third-Party Tracking

In response to tightening regulations and demand from consumers to offer more privacy protection, Google made a major announcement to the public four years ago. In January 2020, they announced plans to completely phase out support for third-party cookies used in its Chrome browser. Cookies have long been a very vital component of the adtech

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Wanted: Eye-Catching Subject line. Get Up to Speed on Email Marketing Metrics

In Nine We Trust: Unveiling the Secret Skills to Attention-Span Friendly Email Impact

Email marketing has an impact that goes much further than simply getting messages into an inbox! Email marketing is all about reaching your audience (and prospective customers) directly. While personalizing to each individual reader can seem impossible, advancements in email marketing tools have allowed for the ability to use in-depth segmentation and A/B testing to

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Facebook is the key to success: strategies for auto marketers to maximize ROI on facebook

Revving up Your Reach: Facebook Ad Mastery for Auto Advertisers

When Facebook first emerged on the scene as a viable advertising source for the auto industry, it provided a means of getting in front of core audiences quickly and efficiently. The other social network platforms that have emerged since Facebook have focused on visual aesthetics along with the “quick hit” of micro-and quite monumental updates.

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The Year in Marketing: Breaking Down the Wins, Woes, and Wonders of 2023

As Christmas trees are exchanged for well-thought-through resolutions, many digital entities are taking a moment to recap and mull over the happenings of the year. There were algorithm updates, new tools on the table, and giant leaps forward for very fundamental strategies. 2023 saw the rise of AI-powered marketing tools, along with a much-anticipated indexing

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Scroll-Stopping Subheadings: Mastering Engaging Social Media Copywriting

Appealing and engaging copywriting is a valuable skill for any creative venture looking to immediately capture their audience’s interest on social media outlets. Consistently remaining informed on trending issues is crucial to keep your followers engaged and harness the power of eye-popping and desirable use of this very powerful and fast-moving medium. In this article,

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