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Keeping Up with the ‘Inbox-redible’ Pace of Change: Email Marketing Trends in 2024

In 2024, email marketing evolves amid AI and chatbot trends. At FarFetched Studios, we specialize in addressing these challenges. From ethical data practices to sustainability and personalized experiences, we’re equipped to navigate the changing landscape. Contact us for innovative email marketing solutions tailored to your brand.

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You've got mail! Increase customers through email marketing

Amplifying Email Marketing + Appealing Portfolio Power for Digital Entrepreneurs

Social media posting, video campaigns and webinars are all great tactics to reach your customers, but it’s important not to forget about one very effective method: email marketing! Some of the most skilled and successful email marketers out there are yielding an ROI of over $30 for every dollar spent for their campaigns! The concept

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6-Steps To Improve Your Email Marketing Strategy

February Framework Fine-Tuning: 6 Steps to Improve Your Email Marketing Game For 2023

One of the most important tools for successful digital marketing has consistently been in plain view while many other social media strategies can seem to dominate. Nearly 4 billion users are clicking on their inbox each day, with each one being a milestone potential for any marketer with a product or service to offer. With

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Holiday Email Strategies

“It’s a Wonderful and Well-Clicked Life!”: Small Business Email Marketing Tips for Winning Strategy During the Holidays

While anyone with a stake in digital marketing can agree that 2022 has been full of ups and downs, this holiday season is quite viable for small businesses nationwide. Once addicted to big box chains in corporate brands, 84% of today’s savvy consumers plan to point and click or provide festive foot traffic to small

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