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Best times to post for maximum engagement.

“What’s the Trending Word on the Weekender’s Rule?” Optimal Times for Social Media Posting

As anyone with a product or service to get the word out about has long realized, the viewers that “eat up” your social media posts are sometimes doing so while munching on their lunch for the day! As post-scheduling software has allowed marketing professionals to get their messages out on autopilot, those who were already

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5 Steps for Resilient + Winning Digital Marketing Strategy

New Realities, New Rules: 5 Steps for Resilient + Winning Digital Marketing Strategy

With a trending national average of 12 very important “touchpoints” and two months for a customer to cross the line from awareness to fully-fledged purchase, it is crucial to have a well-honed digital marketing strategy for success. The process of eventually figuring out who your target market is and leading them to conversion may require

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Loyalty’s Long-Run Payoffs: Three Marketing Tips for Positive Customer Retention

It is always a reassuring and thrilling feeling when you gain several new customers within the digital realm. There are many positive “ambassadors” eager to use what you are offering, and willing to stick around for the long run. The last few years have been so challenging that the “one step forward, two steps back” mantra solidly holds true. Your net result is not entirely positive if you have lost a few simultaneously from your existing client base.

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With a Cookie-Free Existence on the Digital Horizon, Third-Party Data Temporarily Remains Relevant

As privacy concerns have recently taken the forefront regarding digital marketing news, there are many questions to ponder regarding the future of digital advertising. 53% of companies online are still incorporating third-party data as a means of sourcing demographics and viability, according to the recent findings from Datatonics’ Programmatic Audience Targeting Survey. Behavioral Data and

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User-generated content

Your Ideal Follower-Building Fuel: User-Generated Content for Social Media Marketing Strategy

One of the keys to a successful digital marketing campaign is user-generated content, which is content produced from consumers of your product or service. It keeps your campaign’s momentum going by showing people genuine testimonies of your product without a marketing-driven slant. Finding and sharing user generated content, whether it’s mentions or tags of your

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Google ChatGPT

Beneficial Output from AI’s Forefront: How ChatGPT Can Streamline Digital Marketing

When ChatGPT took the world entirely by storm, it had finally become true that you’d have to be “living under a rock” to not have learned of its very intelligent abilities. The current and fully finished product is an intelligent and very useful chatbot that can create accurate answers and a surprisingly sharp sense of

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PPC Performance

Success Within the Search Landscape: How to Remain on Top of PPC Performance

Staying on top of what is currently trending is such a vital component of digital success, and your campaign’s monitoring plan can require multiple experts in your talent pool! Results-driven PPC performance comes from tracking multiple metrics and has the potential to pose challenging requirements for taking frequent and quick action. In this article today

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